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Snippet #1912463

located in The Academy, a part of Survival Academy: While Dragons Rule, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Academy

The Academy is based in the ruins of Ottawa, ON


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Character Portrait: Lily "Talon" DiNusco Character Portrait: Charlotte Kniepmann
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Charlotte was quietly standing on her corner on the elevator when the other girl in there started talking, Charlotte paid attention to her words:
" it true that one of the goals is to get us to breed with each other?"
Charlotte tried her hardest to avoid burying her face in her palms, that would ruin her makeup and possibly mess up her hair. She just wished she didn't hear it, could a girl say something more embarrassing than that? Especially in a cramped elevator packed with men! Charlotte started feeling dizzy, unable to determine if it was because of the tin can ride or the other girl's words, she just pretended she wasn't there at all, then the First teacher refused to answer, that made her a hundred percent sure that it was true. 'This wasn't in the contract!' Her mind told her, Charlotte didn't really like kids, and of one thing she was sure: she wouldn't be having any, even at young age, that was a sure thing for her, kids are noisy and having them ruins your body. She completely missed what the others were talking about and hastily stepped off the elevator once the doors slid open, gasping for air. 'Breed', that choice of words didn't really help the situation either, but the academy was probably the only place she could be now, if only her family had known about the better situation in the north in the early days. Anyway, she had pepper spray, just in case.