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located in Future/Sci-fi, a part of Universal War, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Orunn - 17:47 - Tarros Orbital Command Center

"Message incoming. Standard frequency. Information gathered. Saved in file; External Communications. Playing file." the computer hummed in soft succession, before it began playing a message out loud for the communications captain on the Orbital Command Center.

"Dearest receiver,

We, the Maunkee Empire, would like to establish a peaceful diplomatic contact and hopefully also economical trade between our two fine nations. It is in our belief that we share many things in common, ideology and potentially even ways of living would not be too different. Weโ€™re certain that a mutually friendly relationship will prosper the both of us greatly.

If it is in your interest to establish a political relationship, please respond to this message and we can arrange for a meeting spot for our ambassadors to meet halfway between our two nationโ€™s galactic borders to discuss indebt diplomatic and economical agreements between our two great nations.

May the Greater Good be with us both.

~High Councilor Chao Lin"

There was an utter quiet on the bridge, after the message had been played. Even though they'd been able to pick up messages from foreign planets for a while, no other species had been able to send messages directly to the ears of The Stellarium.
Captain Jorm'Galar rose from his seat, a strong and well proportioned Moaid, with strong features and hard eyes. "What was that?" he asked, looking from his second-in-command, to the communications chief. "Well?"
"I honestly don't know sir. It seems that a race with technology that matches our own is also out there, sending messages to us." the second-in-command answered, looking frantically at the Communications Chief for some kind of support. She just nodded and smiled, as though she chose that this conflict would be too tough for her to join in.
"Oh my Julg'Va! Are you seriously implying that there's intelligent life out there!?" the captain asked sardonically. "Are you entirely sure that it isn't a pack of -" the captain began, his sharp features showing the rage which had cost him a commanding position on one of the Vector class orbital factories.
"Silence Jorm'Galar! You are here to deal with situations, not to yell and act up!" the computer generated voice rung out, this time morphed into a deep authoritarian one. "And if you're not able to think for yourself, then I'll think for you. Julg'Va, activate the transmitters. We'll respond immediately, I am sending the confirmation codes now and the message to you now." the voice rung off, as all screens lit up in the room. Data was pouring into the computers, doing the work of the crewmembers for them.
"Transmitters activated. Converting message to "Maun'ke". Compressing message into transmittable wavelength. Ready to transmit message. Insert launch key." the cold computer voice which usually operated the Orbital Command Center said, as though it hadn't even felt the presence of Orunn in it's systems.
The captain fumbled with his pockets fir a short moment, finding the keys, and walking up to the control-board. The key was a digital signature stick, coded for many different uses. One of those was to authorize sending messages to other nations, planets and races in the far out space.

"Plug in the codes in; 3... 2... 1... Now." the computer generated voice said, just as Jorm'Galar plugged it in, sending a fury of red sparks up. The Moaid stood silently, as the message displayed itself before it was sent.

Adressed to: Councillor Chao Lin

Letter designation: Response to message of "Standardized Time 00:71"

Sender: Orunn

"Dearest Chao Lin,
I am Orunn, the leader of The Stellarium. We are a society of star systems, all joined together for a common cause. The extermination of pain and suffering, and the continued development of the perfect society.
I have understood that you intend on creating lasting relations with the Stellarium. As of now, I understand that you have technology that in some way equals that of The Stellarium. It both pleases me and frightens me that another species in the universe holds such technology, without being under the wings of The Stellarium. As of yet, I see no reason to trust you or your people. Do not take this as an insult, look upon it as a necessary precaution.
For a millennium I have fought to protect all life. Therefore I do not see any reason in risking the lives of my people, by sending them into unknown space. Therefore I come with an alternative to sending out men in a senseless waste of resources. I will send you an uplink. It will serve as my ambassador, make sure it is connected with a transmitter that can reach all the way to the outermost reaches of The Stellarium. The device which activates the uplink will be deemed "infected". Do not let yourselves be fooled. It is the ambassador talking through it.

Peace is always an option, dear Chao Lin. But trade is not.
To gain the perfect society, we have cast aside the ideas of wealth and of money. And without money, we have embraced trade in bartering systems.
That being said, we do not seek anything, but knowledge. And if you are intent on sharing knowledge, then it would, as you say; " mutually beneficial."

And as a last thing, I will also ask you to consider joining The Stellarium. No members are forced, so the decision is entirely yours. Just remember that the end of suffering lies at the end of two separated roads, and only by joining them can we gain the perfect society.

Yours truly,


The message flashed for a moment, then the screens on-board went black for a moment, as the transmitter discharged. A moment they were embraced by that same darkness which was in space. But only for a moment, then the light returned, and the monitors soft humming could be heard again. "I hope they respond favourably... For their own sake." Jorm'Galar said quietly, as the crewmembers dissipated, returning to their duties.