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located in New Greenwitch, a part of In Time Reborn, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Angelus smiles at Selene and holds her hand "you are adorable" He says Walking with her. After about a half hour of talking and Flirting they walk up to an old Victorian Mansion, Surrounded by Golden Gates and fencing "Home sweet Home" He says with a warm smile as he watches the servants rushing to open the gate for him.

Nicklaus hugs his sister back after giving her a tiny, more playful than hurtful, Slap to the head "Smart Ass" He says before hugging his sister tighter. He smirks and speaks "It's a amazing for once you don't smell like you haven't bathed in 5 weeks" He says being a smart ass before letting her go and walking to look out the window.