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Snippet #1926265

located in Kingdom Of Ethieven, a part of Stand and Deliver, one of the many universes on RPG.

Kingdom Of Ethieven



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Character Portrait: Braith Alwyn
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Braith sighed. This wasn’t the first time he’d had a knife to his throat, but it never got easy. Though Braith was nervous he never gave it away in his face, or voice, as he calmly responded, “I’m not sure if you recognize my compatriot across the table? The famous bounty hunter Samuel Drake? I suspect he has some large friends who might be displeased with your current threatening position.” The knife faltered some at his neck.

Encouraged, Braith continued, “It also seems to lack some forethought to threaten someone within a public house. There is quite a crowd here who know Samuel and I. I suspect they would notice you as well and be able to identify you to the king’s men when they come to see why a knife was drawn tonight.”

The knife lowered some more. The voice behind him groaned in dismay. Braith assumed a more friendly tone, “Look, you obviously have some reason to think I have done you wrong. Why not put the knife down, sit, and we can discuss your concerns like rational men?”

The knife was removed completely from Braith’s throat. A disheveled man stepped into view and placed the knife on the table. The knife itself didn’t look like it belonged to such a man. The blade shone as though recently polished and the handle was encrusted with semi precious gems and inlaid with gold. Braith looked the man over as he sat down shame facedly. The man spoke, “I... I’m sorry Braith. I... didn’t know what else to do.”

Braith recognized the man as Kyle Goodman. He had recently helped appraise a job that Kyle had participated in. He didn’t understand why Kyle was upset, but he obviously was, so Braith knew he had to sooth.

Braith turned his full attention to Kyle, wanting to solve this issue, “Now Kyle, you should know you can always come talk to me. No need to be violent or try and frighten me. I have no intention of steering you wrong. Tell me, why do you think I owe you?”

Kyle looked up, “You told me wrong. That hat pin, I only got half what you said. You robbed me. You set me up.”

Braith shook his head, “Oh, but I asked you if you wanted me to take care of the pin. I even offered a discount. You cannot possibly hold me responsible for someone of inferior ability only getting half price for you, now can you?”

Kyle looked unsure, then shook his head slowly, “Ah, no Braith, no. I... I just need the coin. Me mum needs to see a doc and I can’t afford to put her up in the city. That pin was supposed to be her lodging money.”

Braith sighed, always one sob story or another. Though he got the sense that Kyle wasn’t misleading him entirely. Maybe the details were cloudy but the man obviously needed the coin.

“Tell you what Kyle. That knife you have there. Why don’t I buy that from you. I’ll give you a more than fair price. You’ll go home happy and no one will get hurt.” Braith reached into his coin purse and pulled out a generous amount. He placed the coins on the table near the knife and waited.

Kyle looked up at Braith in surprise, “Thank you Braith. I am awfully sorry I held the knife to you. I hope you can forgive a desperate man who wasn’t thinking clearly.” Kyle scooped the coins up and slid the knife closer to Braith.

Braith picked up the knife and looked it over more carefully. He noticed the arms of the Lord Creighton on the bottom of the handle and frowned, “No harm, no foul Kyle. Just happy no one was hurt. Where did you get this knife though?”

Kyle looked embarrassed again, “Well... I actually borrowed it from the lad by the bar.” He indicated a young man sitting at the bar talking quietly with a roguish looking young woman.

Samuel raised an eyebrow, “You pick pocketed Nine-fingered Mac?”

Kyle shrugged and stood, “I can leave now?”

Braith nodded and waved him away dismissively. Kyle slunk out of the inn. Braith looked at Samuel, “Nine-fingered Mac?”

Samuel nodded, “Yeah. And that’s Specter with him. They are a part of Coleman’s crew.”

Braith nodded again, the picture becoming slightly clearer in his head, “A knife with Creighton’s mark on it just happens to be in the possession of one of Coleman’s crew shortly after they were run out by a group of the king’s own.”

Samuel narrowed his eyes, “Aye, that is strange. Especially considering Creighton is one of those Dukes that can make use of the king’s men as he sees fit.”

Braith gave a sharp chuckle, “Right. Well now. I believe I have a place I need to get to. Quickly. Can you do me a favour?”

Samuel nodded, “As long as you let me know how this all turns out.”

“Curious as always Sam. I’ll keep you in the loop.” Braith handed the knife to Samuel, “Make sure this gets back in the possession of Specter or Mac. Hide it good so they don’t lose it again. Then, once I’ve got a good head start, let it slip that The Rat is running in Brekin now that the Ghosts have moved out.”

Samuel frowned as he took the knife, “You selling someone out? That’s not like you Braith.”

Braith shook his head, “No, don’t misunderstand. Not selling someone out.” Braith paused, “Simply setting up their escape. The king’s men want to catch someone in the woods. I want to decide who it is they catch. And the Ghosts just volunteered.”

Samuel chuckled, “Always a few steps ahead. Remind me not to get on your bad side Braith.”

Braith flashed a friendly smile, “Ah, but Samuel, you are much too interesting for me to not like you.”

With that, Braith pushed away from the table. He needed to sleep. No sense running tired. He figured on needing his full wits about him in the next few days. A good night’s sleep, then another hard ride. He hoped to catch the Hunts and company in a few days. He knew he needed to catch the group before the king’s troop got to them. They weren’t going to be in Brekin for a few days themselves, so Braith had no reason to push himself beyond his limits.