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located in Fiore, a part of The New Mage Guild; Draco Edge, one of the many universes on RPG.




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As Fumiko got to the guild she looked around. She knew today was suppose to be mission impossible. What that was she didn't know, however, she did practice with Akumu the day before. She was all hyped up about this that Fumiko almost jumped with excitement when Loritova started to speak. He said stuff about the basic rules and about splitting into teams. She also picked up on him saying something about being teleported a 12 O'clock and that is you revealed your paper before then you would be disqualified.

Fumiko then got her piece of paper and refused to look at it. She decided that if she did then she would probably reveal who it was and get disqualified. That wouldn't be any fun. She quickly whipped out a blueberry lollypop and started to suck on it until 12. She didn't know if other people already knew their partners, but they didn't seem to show it. Then when the time finally came Fumiko was telleported.