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located in Terota, a part of The Dollmaster's Key, one of the many universes on RPG.


Terota - A simple village in the north, with no firm political standing or economic benefits.


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Character Portrait: Raine Alba Character Portrait: Dove Oneira Character Portrait: Orchid Ross
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The city of Terota watched in awe as a doll-like figure roamed the streets. Surely, it has been a long while since she stepped foot into these lands that was dwelt by living or to her liking the humans. She fears these creatures and towards her they bring forth many unpleasant memories although their faces vary most of them have the wicked glances upon their faces especially those of this generation. Her worn-coal colored boots made contact with the walkway. Orchid's face held a serious expression, she was not here to yet ponder and play.

As she walked more passing a few jointed dolls of herself and a couple joint-less dolls, who snickered at her. She shrug, obviously they thought they were better and prettier than the older and more wiser jointed dolls. Orchids pushed her blonde hair back and kept walking as the sun shined over her head. After taking a carriage over to this town she had decided to walk to lessen traffic and annoying people, she was wearing a rather long dress filled with numerous ruffles and beads that aline on the chest area, the fabric was made out of cotton and was patterned with flowers of different colors and sizes. Her blonde hair was left free dangling on her shoulder, a thick hair band resembled the pattern of her dress and bestowed on it was a small fragile flower.

She merely reached her destination when the smell of smoke was suddenly noticeable, her nostrils filled with that familiar scent as she walked into the used to be warm and inviting place but now a destroyed palace of burnings. As her eyes scanned the small store she met eyes with two other jointed dolls, she was puzzled. What had happened here? Better question where was the key-keeper.. time was running out you know. She bit her lower lip before moving closer to the strangers. " Hello." She stated her voice soft but commanding. There was two of them one rather childish looking much younger than herself who was merely 14, this one had grey-curls and looked rather stunning and devious. Jealously uprised She obtained the hair of an animal, not straight but not yet curly a fragment which the hair dresser calls as wavy. The other looking 15 years of age had dark long brown hair an angry face pasted upon her head. She decided there must be a conflict brewing. A breeze blew in and her dress floated to once side and so did her rather unpleasant hair. Orchid stared at the jointed dolls and nibbled on her lower lip, something she did when she was rather upset or nervous.

"Do any of you know where the key-keeper went or why this store is in ruins?"she asked her voice like butter on toast.

They ignored her she tapped her foot and crossed her hands, obiviously they had heard her...

(Sorry very this post is bad indeed, I have writers block)