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Elysia Avari Skylar

"Remember my words, my darling... You will come back to me soon, Elysia."

Sitting up abruptly from her position at the edge of the green-covered sheets of her bed, Ely woke up in a snap. Still remembering the lingering traces of her latest nightmare, she suddenly felt a shiver run through her spine. Looking around in a frenzied haze, her eyes were wide and alert. "My darling..", the air seemed to whisper around her and it took all of her control to stop the scream that was threatening to come out of her mouth. She quickly dived under the sheets and grabbed the pillows around her, as if making a barricade out of those.

She tightly hugged herself and covered her face with one of the big pillows. Even while wearing her modest nightgown, a pale sky blue-colored pajamas set, she still felt totally exposed. Due to her good memory, she can vividly recall every facet of her dreams. Seeing the sneering smiles and calculating leers, she found herself revisiting her life before becoming a member of Draco Edge Guild.

Those white walled rooms, well-ventilated and equipped for everything a person may need but thoroughly designed to keep someone locked indoors...
The topnotch security system and various rooms filled with bustling people always busy with either new tests or checking around for suspicious activities...

Without a doubt, just thinking about it scares her wits off.

She stayed that way for quite some time, crouched in her bed and tightly hugging the pillows. Her amber-colored eyes roved around every particular direction of the room she can see from her position and her ears totally alert and ready for all the sounds or noise she may hear.

She didn't knew how long it passed, since she was roused off her sleep, but she didn't care. Staying still and chanting words in her mind are the only ways she can do to get the bad pictures out of her head.

Experiments. Laboratories. If there are two words that can solely terrify the white-haired Sky Dragon Slayer into oblivion, it would be no doubt these two. Since childhood, she feared this particular facility not only because of the intimidating paraphernalia but also mostly because of those who usually reside and control the place.

Shaking her head as if to make the thoughts go away, she slowly but surely started to calm down. She knew that mean time, this fear of hers is illogical and superficial. It had been quite a long while since she ran away from 'home', and ever since then there had been no sign of her parents' shadows. She knew full well that Lacey and Lyse would not be able to get hold of her now that she's here at Draco Edge. Aside from being a licensed Guild and managed by such person as Loritova, she's certain that her mother and father are not stupid enough to let themselves be in the center of attention by attempting to get her back.

She deeply sighed and looked at the clock near her bedside table. Aside from the basic necessities such as a bed, a table, a drawer, a bookshelf, a chair and some odd knickknacks here and there; one can see that Elysia's room is somewhat nearly bare. She had been planning to decorate her room, however since she is currently working on a small flower garden at her room, this idea had been put on hold.

She looked around and smiled warily at nothing in particular. It wouldn't do her any good if she will continue to let herself be tortured by a nightmare. After all, she should have been used to it by now. In fact, ever since she had left her parent's influence, she had been having these horrific dreams in varying degrees, every night.

Sometimes things end happily for her, where she was finally able to avenge the death of her real parents and their guild mates. Though most of the times she will always also dream about being captured and made as a guinea pig by her beloved mother once again.

Removing the covers away from her body, she shakily stepped both of her feet at the ground and aimed to go towards the direction of the bathroom. Passing over a marked calendar on her way, she noticed then the date for today. It was the ninth of October and is without a doubt the dated day for that Mission Impossible, the master had informed them about.

She let out a small smile as she remembered the fire magic user, opening the door of the bathroom, she entered inside. It will be best for her to just forget about the worries and focus on the task today.

That is if she can help it.

β–Ί = ♀ = β™ͺ = β™« = β—„

β€œWelcome everyone! Today, is the day. No doubt you have all heard of 'Mission Impossible', and are most likely eager to hear what I have planned for it. First, let me explain the basic rules. Each of you is split in teams of two, whatever team completes the task first is the winner, and will receive a special reward that I will announce after the contest. Anything goes in this event."

As she heard the master started to explain about their activity, she hastily snapped herself into focus. Vanishing the remnants of her most recent daydreams, she turned to the large stature of the guild master and listened closely to his words.

He had informed them that they will be divided into pairs and will be assigned a specific task later on. Pouting a little and fighting the urge to groan out loud, she settled on placing both of her arms into one of the many tables in the bar and leaned on it.

It wasn't as if she hated the other members of the guild. She actually liked each and everyone of them. Not only because they are such nice individuals but also because based on her three months stay here, she had known how much of interesting people they all are. The thing that she actually disliked though-- aside from hearing anything about someone's love for science, will be teaming up.

It wasn't anybody else fault though. There is just something in her that doesn't sync well with regards to working with others. More often than not, it had something to do with her inherent inability to be focused and keep on a steady track when doing a particular task.

She went over through the list of her options of possible partners silently in her head and slightly lowered her head. Ely noticed that aside from her, everyone else seemed to be skilled and talented, especially in their own area of specialization. Unlike her. She only knew how to heal and when in a group battle or anything of sorts, she's usually the weakest link in the team. Such thinking made her unintentionally remember her mother's last words. "Of course! Your true parents have been a so much of a failure so it is just to be expected that you also turn out as one."

Pushing the negative thoughts once again, she raised her head and studied the others around. The straw basket was now being passed and having seated near the counter, she was one of the first people who immediately got a piece of paper from it. Holding the paper in front of her chest, she then motioned to open it with silent trepidation.

She truly wished that her partner had the patience far longer than what is normal or else even from the start they would surely lose this. The thirteen year old girl is undeniably rather bad at accomplishing tasks in hasty and rushed manner. She usually takes certain amount of time to finish particular activity and that is with all of her maximum effort present.

Slowly opening the paper, she held a mix of impatience and fear as she turned to look for the name of her temporary partner.

She literally felt the wind got knocked out of her as she stared dumbfounded at the words she read. Feeling that same hyperventilating experience creeping over her senses, though this time with a different reason, Elysia is torn between jumping out in joy or hiding into the comforts of her room.

It seemed as if winds are blowing in her favor; stopping herself just in time for the incoming shriek, she decided on beaming widely at the master. She sneaked a look at her partner and waited for the moment that she will transported. It wasn't long before she too, like the others, had been transported to the path they are assigned.

"I'll do my best, Miss Sandra!"