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located in Terota, a part of The Dollmaster's Key, one of the many universes on RPG.


Terota - A simple village in the north, with no firm political standing or economic benefits.


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Showing off a tall and imposing figure as she stepped out of the carriage, Cassandra spared no heed of the mixed questioning and awed looks darted at her way. Donned in a short scarlet-colored dress and a pair of butterfly-decorated, high-heeled black pumps, the amethyst-haired girl turned to the woman inside the carriage.

"I thank you for your company, Madame Lilian", she spoke impishly, eyeing the said woman from under her lashes. "You are truly a wonderful blessing my lady. I will forever will be in your debt." Her voice sultry and with an indulging smile in her face, she winked at Lilian Gaborne of Hastings. The portly woman can't help but redden slightly at the praise and coyly covered her face with the fan in her hands, just giggling in the process.

Cassandra then settled into a customary curtsy, holding the littlest trail of her dress into the side. "I will be taking my leave now. Please always take care Madame." She accompanied her words by placing her hand on a cheek of the golden-haired woman. She softly caressed her before murmuring, "I hope we meet sometime in the future." Staring at her directly, she smiled again before dropping her hand to her side and stepping away to leave. The said woman can't do anything but stare at her in muted shock, the enchantment and fascination is obviously etched in her face.

Cassandra took out her parasol and opened it with ease. Trudging in a steady pace towards the only key-keeper's shop in Terota, she walked ahead with purpose. It had been a long while since she last visited this place. Pretty much a quite long while actually.

Since she had possessed two keys instead of the usual number of one as what is normal for each doll, she did not see the need of coming back here. She took a key with her and left the other one with the key-keeper. Ever since then, she was able to live by with having just the silver key with her. Having another key gave her the privilege that those other dolls doesn't have. Though it might grow tiresome for a while, about needing to be winded after every two days, still she's happy with her situation. She definitely gets used into not settling into that rhythmic schedule of visiting this shop, miles away from her home, in Belerise. In fact, it might have been more than five years since she last stepped in Terota.

If it wasn't for her urgent current need, she would never have come back. Cassandra of the Everett House would have not been caught dead, or as dead as she could be, here if it wasn't because she truly needed to get her key from the shopkeeper.

Smirking inwardly at another gaping face that she had passed by, she then turned round the corner and found herself in front of the familiar shop.



Or what should have been the case to Cassandra. Snapping her neck to see the surrounding establishments near this barely recognizable dilapidated building, she reflexively put a hand over her mouth. Noting the same shops and houses nearby, she is quite certain that she wasn't wrong when she walked towards this place. If her memory served her right, in this pitiful looking shabby shack is where the very same modestly designed key-keeper's shop should have stood. She shook her head and slightly lowered the skirt of her dress that had hiked up past her thighs from when she had walked before. She closed her parasol and lightly arranged the hat from its position in her head.

Stepping inside, she eyed the door hazardously left on the floor and cringed as she noted the dirt and accumulating dirt inside. She held a gloved hand in front of her chest, the other holding tightly into her parasol and purse. 'What had happened here?' She thought in confusion as she discovered how far destroyed the place had been as she entered inside. It was no doubt the same old key-keeper's shop that she left her key with, years prior, she concluded staring at the broken cabinets on the side.

"Do any of you know where the key-keeper went or why this store is in ruins?" Was the first thing she had heard, seeing a golden-haired jointed doll standing at the side.

Her nose crinkled, showing her simple distaste as she saw the two other jointed dolls. Honestly of all the strange things that could happen to her, this would have topped it all. Seeing the store which should have held the only literal key for her future- in shambles and being surrounded with a disturbing number of haughty looking jointed dolls in one room together with her does not absolutely bode her well.

She then planned and decided that it would be better if she just quietly observe them for the meantime. She may need to use one of them, if things come to worst. She may have to charm these dolls to encourage them to follow what she wanted them to do and tell her later on. Everything was still very confusing for the jointless doll. Knowing that she's not the first one to discover what had happened, she was forced to rely on them for information.

"I'd like to know that too", she spoke after the statement, the curiosity getting ahead of what she initially intended to, and that was supposedly to keep quiet for a while. She turned calculating eyes towards the other two doll, her face emotionless as usual, and inspected them from head to toe. One of these three dolls may or may not be her only way to solve what happened here.