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located in The Greenhouse, a part of Masks of the Soul, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse - the 'student council' meeting place.


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Character Portrait: Vera Chung Character Portrait: Liesel Moringmer
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Peddler speech written by Witless.

Vera Chung | Goatstone Bridge -> Maybelle -> Greenhouse

It was a beautiful afternoon. Not only was the sky a cloudless blue, but the sun shone down with just enough intensity. While the world was not the brilliant, sparkling sculpture it was during the winter, it was getting to just the right temperature. The wind gusted again, and Vera frowned when her black skirt whipped around her knees. With a sigh, she got on the balls of her foot, thrusting her head over the top of the rough, stone wall that made up the bridge. She was only a few feet away from the statue that stood in the center of the old structure. That ugly-looking troll, though incontestably an important part of the Throme scene, was getting on her nerves with its disquieting grimace.

Vera looked down at the sparkling, dancing surface of Liron River and with a sigh, realized that it was already September 27th. The day that the letter had marked with almost torturous implications. Now that Liesel’s information had been proven without a doubt - they showed up, didn’t they? - Vera couldn’t help but believe that she should have left when she had the chance. Gage and Coraline had the right idea when they abandoned them, but now… even if she wanted to, she was sucked into the problems of Itex. But, there was no sense in fretting over this. There was no doubt that they wouldn’t win. They were on the side of justice after all, and heroes always beat villains. It was the way that the world worked. This was just a period of problems, that’s all.

Her heart calm for the moment, she turned back to the shore on her right. Maybelle Avenue, with its new reputation of hidden gangs and murderers. Perhaps… it had something to do with that Aki Evedane, but Vera would not hold her breath. Anyways - it was time for her to get back to the school greenhouse. With almost halting, stumbling footsteps, she grounded her back in reality and stepped off towards the shopping district. While it wasn’t exactly on the way to Cenriel Academy, she needed to do something to calm her nerves. It was lacking even the smallest semblance of the bustling region it had been in the past, with the shop owners calling at her vainly. Customers were few and far in between.

She flashed a smile before going to a familiar stall. “Excuse me, how much is that?” she asked, looking at a set of porcelain tea cups. While Liesel had broken them, she hadn’t gotten to the point of replacing them - plus, she had gotten used to having a cup of green tea during each meeting. The man, with dark black hair and sunglasses, was smoking, and observing one of his wares. The Peddler. While Vera wasn’t quite a repeat customer of his, she, at the very least, recognized his slouching form. He ignored her, continuing to observe something.

“How much are the tea cups?” she asked again, this time exasperated.

“Hm? What? Oh, you’re buying something, huh… Hmmph, interested in those? Suit yourself, then. You do know how rare those are? Not too many to be found.” Vera couldn’t quite understand why a tea set would be rare, but shrugged anyways. Maybe it was the design - they seemed to be quite pretty after all. “But hey, you want them, I’ll sell. At a bargain: 57 argen. Per item. You have the cash, right? If not, get lost. I have other customers…”

Vera dug through her pocket, before pulling out a black wallet. She’d buy the pot for sure, and maybe the cups… as many as she could afford. She could wait to buy the tray… if she managed to find the Peddler before they were bought. Thumbing through her wallet, she realized she had a total of 200 argen. While she would normally carry less than this, her parents were suffering under the misconception that she was going out to dinner with her friends. Handing him 171 argen, she bought three pieces from the set, out of the seven total. “Thanks, Peddler!” she called out, with a smile, before returning to her previous path. Off to Cenriel Academy~

A few minutes later, she had arrived at the welcoming gates of Cenriel Academy - none too early either. Vera waved towards the security guards, before crossing campus to get to the meeting place. The greenhouse. It was normally such a bright and cheery structure, if not a little too colorful, this time she couldn’t help but feel a sense of nervousness. Pushing open the doors to the warm room, she noticed that, just as she had expected, Liesel was already there. The woman was busy smoking a cigarette, but looked just as murderous as usual.