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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #1935387

located in Wonderland, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere in Wonderland outside the places already specified in the rp.


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Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris
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Absolem / Caterpillar

Absolem had fallen asleep, so he missed the last few things Grey had said. He was just too mentally exhausted. He’d used his abilities far too generously that day, he finally needed a well-earned siesta. He didn’t even hear the boy tell him goodnight. He was already out like a light. He wasn’t the type to dream, he more or less was in a world full of mushrooms, an odd smoke filling the air, making it foggy and hard to see. He’d had this ‘dream’ for as long as he could remember. He’d walk around and find no one, no matter how hard he used to run and frantically search. Eventually he ended his efforts, giving up and settling with perching himself atop the biggest mushroom and just watching the landscape until he awoke. ‘Does this even count as dreaming if nothing actually happens..?’

In the real world, Absolem responded to the boy, letting an arm fold around him as they both slept. He was protective, no one could deny it, but he’d eventually have to show Grey a side of him that the boy wouldn’t like. He’d have to remain cold and indifferent, but for the sake of his contractor. He was too untrusting of his fellow dwellers of Wonderland. He knew they’d strike Grey the second they realized the boy held even a small place in Absolem’s heart. There were very few was to rip him down otherwise, other than to tire him out, which, wouldn’t take long in a prolonged battle. He was physically average in strength, possibly a bit weak for a male, but after over-using his ability, he was a sitting duck. Too long of use immobilized him, possibly even renders him unconscious. He knew he’d have to keep himself behind a thick sheet of glass when the games officially started. It was for the boy’s own good in the long run.


--- In her dream ----
Rhia was to the brink of tears. Hundreds of people passed her, not a single one even stopping to glance at her. Where was everyone? Why was she all alone? She went to scream, but the dream grew blurry instantly.
--- Exit dream---

She shot up instantly, one hand over her mouth, the other through her short hair. She was sweaty, trembling like a leaf in the wind. She let her eyes shift along the room, sighing when she saw Absolem and Grey. They’re..uncharacteristically cozy. How can they relax that much at a time like this.. everything is going to hell.. all of this beauty, destroyed. Even poor Cheshire’s home.. How do they have time for romancing? then she turned, noticing Cheshire had already woken up. She touched her throat, deciding to not search for the cat. She wasn’t going to be clingy. That wasn’t a very endearing trait. She instead slipped off the couch, tip-toeing into the kitchen to fetch a glass and get some water. She looked at the sink baffled. Three..mushrooms? How do you work these things?

Rhia bravely reach forward and poked one, only for it to sneeze, making the girl jump backwards in fear. Holy shi-! She thought to herself, nearly tripping over a chair. She took a moment to calm herself before she began to timidly step forwards again. She gulped before trying the second, only for it to snap at her finger. She gasped and jerked her hand back, but it got a good chomp into her before she’d escaped and her other hand dropped the glass. She tried to catch it, but found herself only wincing as it shattered against the floor. Shoot.. I hope that didn’t wake up Absolem.. he’ll be so mad at me.. She looked down at her hand, “O-ow..” Her finger was freely bleeding. It took a good bite, didn’t it? She carefully rushed around the glass, getting a broom and a pan, attempting to sweep up the mess. She was struggling however, due to the fact that her finger was going through a burning sensation. It felt like she’d ran it under liquid fire. Just what kind of mushrooms bite?! She tried to ignore the calm dripping of blood down her finger, the glass on the floor was her main priority. I can’t even get a glass of water without making a fool out of myself and getting hurt.. she sighed softly, not even fathoming it was weird for a home to have such precautions and traps throughout it. She didn't even think it once, throwing the glass away in a…mushroom shaped waste bin. What is Caterpillar, a druggie? Does he smoke shrooms? She shook her head, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her finger, trying to apply pressure. She’d of wet the towel, but water was what got her in this mess in the first place.

She looked around for anything resembling a Band-Aid, but found nothing. She sighed, removing the bandages under her shirt, letting them slide off from beneathe, she had more of a feminine figure now. It actually was a bit surprising she’d managed to pull off being a guy. She took the bandages and cut a portion, tying it around her finger tightly, disposing of the bloody towel. There.. at least I can address my own wounds.. though I wish I knew where something to disinfect it was.. I don’t think it’s supposed to burn like this.. She reach into the fridge, finding more of Absolem’s soup. This will have to do.. She found a bowl and spoon, pouring her a bowl and sitting at the table, hoping Absolem wouldn’t mind that she’d helped herself. She took a drink of the now chilly broth, sighing to herself in relief. Anything felt good on her throat at this point.