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Orunn - Tarros Orbital Command Center

The large holographic screen which hovered just a metre above the floor turned red again, as it found flaws in the decryptation of the Maunkee alphabetic system. It wasn't as synchronized as the standardized Stellarium alphabet, so the process was slow and ultimately worthless, as Jorm'Galar had said earlier.
Lieutenant Darja, a slim moaid with fashionably long hair, sighed loudly when the screen turned red again. Whatever they did, they couldn't make Maunkee and Stellarium Standard come to the same conclusions, important stuff was lost in translation.
Just as she turned to leave, the computer once again began humming: "Message incoming. Standard frequency. Information gathered. Saved in file; External Communications. Playing file."

The Maunkee message was sent in a computer coded format, so that other computers could catch it. A very fine precaution, since one didn't want to interfere with semi-developed species unintended and a good thing, since Orunn could decipher it without having to do it from the Maunkee form, instead he could translate it into binary code and then number crushing computers on the nearest planet would convert the message in a hearbeat.

As she heard the message from the leader of the Maunkee, presumably a male by the name Chao Lin? She noted that he had offered his people and their homeplanets as vassals or sattelites of the Stellarium. A chance to expand the cause of good which Orunn was campaigning and a chance for the Moaid fleet to move into the darkness of space. It would be the first time that travel to another galaxy was really tried out with the trajectory boosters.

"Excellent!" Orunn's generated voice exclaimed. "Lieutenant Darja. Send orders to the colonial fleet in sector KV Tarm, that they are to set course 0.88636694 immediately and without any questioning. Authorization code: Galion. Order that they bring the orbital factory: YYY 322." The voice nearly sounded excited as it issued the long order.
Darja, who was used to such lengthy and tiresome orders, immediately started typing into an invisible keyboard, sending messages to the nearest colonial fleet.
It would be a small 5 hours before the fleet was mobilized to shot out of the system's orbit, but it would be soon enough.
"Lieutenant Darja, you are hereby Commander of the 7th Escadrille in the colonial fleet on the way to the Maunkee Empire. Pack your belongings and move out immediately."Darja jumped in surprise at the sudden promotion, tried to utter some kind of thanks, but couldn't, so she chose to just nod and run off to her private quarters.

Meanwhile, Orunn uploaded a new message which he then charged into the transmitter and sent. Darkness once again enveloped the orbital communications center, as the transmitter discharged.

To: High Councillor Chao Lin
From: Orunn

Subject: Stellarium membership

Dearest Chao Lin,
I can see that you are not in possesion of intergalactic observation tools. Thus I'll send you a file containing a movie from the ministry of information, to teach you of the specific way of life within The Stellarium's borders.

[As the movie begins, landscape from 14 different planets roll over the screen, as music starts playing in the background. Cities roll over the screen, each one more magnificent than the previous. Races and species of many kinds. Text converted into Maunkee appears as subtitles, while a male voice speaks in a rolling deep language. "The Stellarium was founded many years ago, when Orunn peacefully took over the homeplanet of the Ithrians. Since then, Orunn has governed fairly in regards to all member nations and all races. He does not discriminate and he does not oppress."
The pictures roll over onto parliaments and wars, fought with terrible weapons and some with clubs and stones. "Orunn has seen what the races of flesh do to themselves, and it grieves him that very few find peace with themselves. Thus he has taken the job upon himself to govern The Stellarium. Micro-management can be done by either technocrats or by elected politicians, but the larger design is very much orunn's own."
Pictures of starving creatures, riot and rebellions, slaughtering and massacres roll over the screen, an eerie silence, untill the voice and music resumes. Pictures of the current situation at the very same places. Peace and order, clean streets and police and officers smiling and helping elderly people.
"Social inequality and wars have always been a problem in systems governed by currencies. So to eliminate poverty and to make it possible for all lifeforms to live comfortably, Orunn chose to abolish currencies. Production was to be cared for by robots and directed by computers.
War is a common thing in systems governed by money and currencies. The wealthy direct the lives of the poor and use them to accumulate more wealth. No one shall ever be forced to work as a soldier, slavering for their pay, easily throwing away their lives. Armies do not consist of living organisms in The Stellarium, instead they consist of robots and mechanoids, constructed and programmed to serve as troops when need be. But that being said, those who yearn for adventure, and thrive in an authoritarian society, may join the Stellarium Armed Forces, to be commandeered to hotspots, wars and to yet uncolonised planets.
No carbon based life form should have to work when it's life is so short. Instead, all lifeforms can choose what they want to do, if they want to work with anything, or if they just want to lean back and enjoy a long life. Some even devote themselves to their gods and deities. These are given free movement around the planets to visit holy sites. Orunn has made sure that no religion is the major and most powerful. All religions are acknowledged and if one does not find said religion to be moral, then one can send in an official complaint. Then a judge will look over if said complaint is correct and dialogue will be initiated with the leaders of said religion."
the male said, the pictures running into temples, monks and street altars.

"So whoever you are, on whatever planet you live on, seek us out. We are all bound to join arms and sing the ancestral song of life. "
The voice and music slowly fades out, with an old clip from an early propaganda video, showing a planet rotate with the words; "unity, peace and brotherhood" encircling it.]

As ligt returns to the orbital station, it is already left alone by the fleeting presence of Orunn.