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Roady Domene

Roady turned to reveal to himself his teamate for Mission Impossible. He didn't try in the slightest to hide his shock and disbelief at what stood before him. There wasn't merely one, but two people standing before him. "W-What the hell is this?! Do you guys really expect me to tolerate two of you at the same time?! I was barely willing enough to stick with one of you!" Roady then looked at his paper that he refrained from looking at earlier. 'Sotofu Katsu and Kuroi Lightblade...' He read silently to himself, then looking back towards the other two. "Forget it, I'm going on ahead. If you still want to do this team thing, then don't fall behind. I'm not dealing with any lightweights." Roady ordered in the rudest manor he could muster up, as he made his way through the forest they ended up at.

Roady didn't stop to see if the other two had caught up, but saw a weird glow in the corner of his eyes. It came from the paper he had gotten from Loritova. It had somehow gotten back in Roady's hand even though he was sure he had thrown it away at the start point. He looked at it, and noticed that the words had been replaced since the last time he had taken a look at it. Their names were gone, and were replaced with what seemed to be instructions. "Your team has the difficult task of finding, and defeating a Vulcan named Gronag. Rather large, and one of the strongest Vulcan around. Caution is adviced." Roady read aloud.

"Oh? So 'I'm' going to be taking on a Vulcan, eh? Those bastards are pretty tough. Just don't know when to stay down. This should be interesting." Roady said to himself as he continued down a path until he could make out a flowing river ahead of him. 'A river? Aren't we supposed to follow those or something?' Roady seemed to daze off, pondering whether or not he should ask the other two if they knew the area, as they have been here longer than him.
"Remember Roady. Rivers always lead to somewhere. A good chance to find civilization if you're lost. Also good if you're dying of thirst. Hm... Did I forget to boil your's? Ehehehe." Roady snapped back to reality. He had seemed to drift off into a past memory. "Shut up, old man." He said to himself as he made the decision to move further North, up the river. Although, it was purely on instinct.

After a while Roady could make out the mouth of a cave a few yards away from the riverbank. "The note said that we're after the monkey, right? If I remember correctly, Vulcans live in caves. Maybe I'll get lucky." Roady smiled, as he began walking towards the cave, scoping out every edge, expecting something to jump out and attack him. Soon he was facing the cave entrance. "Breaking and entering isn't really my style, but my options aren't very open at the moment." Roady commented before entering, confident that he could take on any beast that may lie in wait.