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Snippet #1938061

located in Wonderland, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere in Wonderland outside the places already specified in the rp.


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Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris
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Absolem / Caterpillar


Absolem noticed a shady figure in the distance, though he refused to stir. He rubbed his temple merely, waiting to see if it approached him, which it had. He couldn’t see clearly, but the boy resembled someone the man knew, that he was sure. He straightened up his posture, leaning his elbow on his knee and his chin on his palm. Curious.. No one has ever come into my dream before. He waited until he finally recognized the boy. Grey? No, it couldn’t possibly. It’s impossible to invade someone else’s dream, even in Wonderland. The Queen hasn’t even managed that. Or has she? Is she clever enough to keep such ability under her sleeve? Absolem looked the blonde boy over, smirking when he asked the famous question, “Seeing as you already realize this, heavens no.” Absolem mockingly chuckled, “I however wonder which side you would prefer. Is it better to be taller or smaller than one’s enemy? Does it matter in the end? Besides, I’m quite looking forward to see if you can decide which is which. Which part will make you taller and which will make you shorter?” He continued, then a more mischievous look appeared on his features, “But then again, how do you even know I’m telling the truth? I could be lying just to amuse myself.” He added that part in very tauntingly. You need to be able to stand without someone else, can you do that without a mental breakdown? Do you realize this is a test, boy? “Maybe the mushroom does nothing at all. Maybe it’s poisonous? Can you really be for certain just on my word?” The mushroom certainly did do as the Caterpillar would have said, the colours would have been different had it been poisonous. Though, I want to see him make his own decision without my help or overall influence. Doubt can be a wonderful thing in small servings. His smirk widened a bit, “So what do you think Grey? Does the mushroom make you shorter or taller?” The man slid down, two different coloured pieces in his hands, offering them to the boy in the dream, the blue in his left and the white in his right. “If it’s not poisonous then how about you test it? Guess which is which.”


Absolem wanted to see the outcome, but he was quickly torn from his dream when he heard the screaming off the flowers inside of his head. He sat up, frowning to himself. I was having quite a good time dream- Oh, Duchess? Wonderful. Let her in. His hand ushered and his house would now be visible to the Duchess and her guests. I need a drink. He slid from the couch; escaping Grey’s grasp carefully and made a quiet stride to the kitchen, blinking at the girl. She seriously tried.. oh foolish human, why didn’t you wake me if you were thirsty? He sighed, getting himself a glass of water, grasping the TOP of the mushroom sink handle that was blue and twisting. You have to be rough on them, child. He wanted to say, but he was sure it would make the cat’s child uncomfortable. He took a drink of the cold water, holding his head. The dull throbbing was nearly gone, but it still was acting up, taunting him. He had a lot more colour to his features, which was a relief to him and surely would be to Grey. He heard the cat call and laughed a bit, “Me and your child are awake. Grey’s asleep and Duchess is coming, I allowed her and her guests entrance. The house will disappear from outside view after they’ve crossed the border safely. Your child accidentally had a tango with one of the temperamental mushroom sink knobs. It’s nothing serious; I’ll just have to treat it. Unless she wants to lose her finger, but then it would slowly work its magic up her arm. It’s best that everyone lets me handle the mushrooms in my house.” Absolem reach into a cabinet, sighing to himself as he pulled out a syringe and a tiny bottle filled to the brim with clear sparkling liquid. He took the syringe and filled it with the liquid. “I won’t lie, this is going to hurt, but it’s better than slowly dying from poison, no?” Absolem asked in a calm tone, “Hold out your finger.” When the girl removed the bandage he hissed a bit. It took a pretty good bite.. he held her arm tight enough that it would probably bruise later, “It’s vital you don’t move. Bear with me for a moment.” Then he pierced her finger with the hollow needle of the syringe, slowly injecting it into the girl. He felt her jolt under his grip, but luckily he was holding her tight enough it proved harmless. After the entire syringe was emptied he removed it, letting go of her arm, “There. No more flesh eating poison.” Now who has the better child, hmm Cheshire? Yours almost got herself killed.


Rhia sighed when neither Absolem or Grey seemed to wake up from the racket she’d made in the kitchen. She continued eating calmly, ignoring the burning and throbbing sensation in her finger. What is wrong with this man’s house? It’s booby-trapped around every turn. Why is he so paranoid? Is he that scared of something? The Jabberwocky perhaps?

Rhia tensed when Absolem entered the kitchen, feeling a blush come to her face. Would he realize what happened? She was feeling a bit embarrassed, he definitely would tell Cheshire and then she’d get teased again. She jumped when she heard Cheshire’s voice and bit her bottom lip, sighing softly in attempt to calm her jittery nerves. “Y-yeah, Absolem and I are.” She called back. She was about to say more, but Absolem mentioned her…predicament to Cheshire. Great, now she’s going to laugh at me. Lose my finger!? Her eyes widened, looking down at her finger. He had a syringe and.. medicine? Wow, it looks kind of pretty. Medicine sparkles here? That’s pretty cool. She slid off the bandages, part of her skin already missing around the bite. It came across as a very nauseating sight, not to mention it looked extremely painful. She bit her bottom lip. She held her finger out as she was instructed, but winced a bit when he had a firm latch around her arm. I realize his reasoning, but this seriously hurts. Who would’ve thought Absolem was this strong? The aquamarine girl thought to herself. She wanted to scream as soon as she felt the medicine being vaccinated into her finger. It felt like tiny shards of glass were being pushed under her skin. She jerked at the beginning, but she merely scrunched her her eyes closed and endured it, jaw clenching from the pain. I’m not weak.. I’m not going to cry and I’m certainly not going to scream.. by the way, who was he calling foolish earlier!? Did.. I hear his thoughts again. She redressed her finger with a clean portion of bandages. She couldn’t even move the appendage now that it was in so much pain. Will Cheshire be irritated or tickled..? I’m not sure how she’ll react to this, but I was just trying to get a glass of water on my own. Will she be mad at Absolem? He wasn’t trying to hurt me, he was the one who fixed it, and all the same, I’m still worried. She didn’t look in the cat’s direction in fear of her reaction, merely eating at her soup instead, “Thanks Absolem..” she replied nervously. Then she stopped eating and stared at Absolem shocked for a moment. Did he seriously just say that.. er..think that? How long have they been comparing me and Grey? We're not just trophies or show dogs, we're people!