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Chowa Kyoku - The bar

Chowa opened his eyes abruptly as the first sunlight hit his face. It was a skill he had learnt when he was younger. 'Always be prepared...for the danger could come anytime, anywhere...' He pushed himself up as he looked around, studying his room carefully to see if anything had been changed while he was sleeping. Nodding slightly as he deemed nothing important had been changed and there was no sign of something out of place, Chowa stepped out of his bed and stretched himself, ready for the day. Today was 'Mission Impossible' or something along the line, Chowa had not paid much attention the first time he heard it...maybe he just deemed it...unimportant or maybe he was just distracted. Either way, Chowa did not know much about the mission. He closed his eyes and sighed tiredly, yesterday event was still fresh in his mind and liked it or not, Chowa knew he had acted...harshly and 'out of character' regarding the event. He supposed he would have to apologize to his teammates when he saw them today.

With that thought in mind, Chowa proceeded to go through his normal morning routine in less than 20 minutes. Time's money, after all. He suppressed a yawn as his hand covered his mouth and he looked at the wall clock. He still had 10 more minutes before he had to do anything. Grasping his backpack, Chowa put in a book, some chocolate, a notebook and a pen before checking the clock for the second time. 'it's time to go' He thought with a slight nod. Closing the door behind him and carefully locked it with a soft 'click', Chowa stretched his hands, he was ready for the day.

'...or maybe not' Chowa thought as he listened to the guild master explained what they had to do. He did not care about rewards or fame...He only wanted to have a nice and easy-going mission. It had been a little while since he took part in easy missions and maybe he was starting to miss it. He dutifully picked up the folded paper and walked out of the guild. Whoever his partner was, he depressedly hoped it was not some kinds of fangirls. He shook his head...maybe he was just over-thinking. He stood on his destination - the Akane Beach, waiting for his other teammate to arrive, trying hard not to let the curiosity take over him but at last, he admitted defeated as he unfolded his paper and read the name "Charlotte" He mumbled, blinking at the ironic of it all...He only hoped she would forgive him so they could work together. But then again, hopes and reality were two different things.