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located in Fiore, a part of The New Mage Guild; Draco Edge, one of the many universes on RPG.




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well correct me if i am wrong Kuroi said but cave's are were Vulcan tend to live. caves form near mountains and river's so.... Kuroi took a look at the surroundings. he saw a mountain down river the way the brat had went. pointing at the river he said "This is the most likely to lead us to our pray" taking a closer look at the ground he saw tracks larger than a human's or a Ape's heading that way as well Vulcan he thought. "seem like our friend may have missed his chance, it close by and is on its way home although it does not seem to be following the river. shale who go?" Kuroi smiled and started to follow the tracks witch turned out to be only a little bit away from the river, hopping to catch the beast before it made it to its cave one of the things Kuroi knew that is was better to fight something off its home turf than on it.