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located in Modern-day zombie apocalypse., a part of Dead Morning America, one of the many universes on RPG.

Modern-day zombie apocalypse.

A post-apocalyptic New York City, wrecked by the enigmatic virus that has swept the nation and brought the recently dead and deceased back to life.


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Jericho zoned out

MOVE IT! MOVE IT! MOVE IT! These loud shouts vibrated through the air, barely audible over the sounds of the 81mm explosions blowing craters in the ground within Jericho's vicinity blowing dust and sad into the already sandy environment. The shouts originated from his mentor, Iceman who was 25 yards away, as he motioned for Jericho to get up and get into the building. Wait Jericho was on the ground? what happened?

Shaking his head to gain his focus Jericho realized he was on the ground with his hands pushing at the earth to stand up. Explosions still rattled the ground as Jericho stood up. One explosion hit behind him and knocked Jericho forward a bit as he felt the heat of the blast as well as small hits of shrapnel stinging his back. Jericho didn't fall but it did hinder his performance moving toward the aging man with his right hand motioning for Jericho to move. Another explosion hit the ground closer to Jericho than the last but this one threw him forward and to the left. This one actually hurt and left a ringing sound within his ears. Jericho wanted to give up and just lay here, He couldn't remember where he was or why he was here but all he knew was that this sucked... A big one.

As he closed his eyes to give up he felt his legs leaving the ground, as if he was suspended in midair. He opened his eyes to witness the ground moving and another pair of legs maneuvering through the dirt. Jericho realized he was on another man's shoulders as they finally reached the building his mentor was in. They went down a pair of concrete stairs and that's when the buzzing sound started to cease. Loud booms and thuds could still be heard but Jericho could also hear voices of others in the room, he could recognize the voices. Iceman, Irish and Spartan, the members of Reaper squad. Whoever picked him up set him down on a wall and smiled. It was Iceman.

It was all coming back to him now, Reaper was assigned to a suicide mission in freaking Afghanistan. Lord did he hate the 'stans, sand got everywhere, it was always hot, the little boy asking for chocolate in the morning would be planting a bomb in your boot that same evening. It was just a horrid area, but that's where the mission was and no one else would do it. And the "it" being referred to was the sabotage of an Afghani drug farm. 100 miles away from any safe zone or reinforcements but only 100 feet from an Al Qaeda training camp it was a suicide mission for any group of less than a full company of men. The US Army didn't want bad media for dead men and the Afghani army didn't care. Thus the US government paying Legion to do this job quickly and efficiently. It was a very high paying job but the main reason as to why Legion took it was because the self appointed Captain in charge of these operations was a murderer and a thief. With their high standards Legion would do this with no questions asked,

Reaper always volunteered for crap like this. Although they did plant and detonate the bombs in the factory, the armory, the barracks, the fuel depot and the Captain's sleeping quarters they were somehow found and alerted what was left of the terrorists in the camp and factory. They wanted revenge and boy did they try to get it. Within 10 miles of the factory Reaper was cornered into some small village and that's when the mortars started hitting. Thus putting them into the situation they were in now.

An Irish accent emanated from the back of the room You doing ok Frosty? You took a couple of big punches from those mortars. Irish stepped into the light with Highlander hanging on his weapon sling, his right hand extended with a silver flask. Have some of this whiskey, it'll take a bit off from the pain. A blast hit very close by and it rattled the building making dust seep out of the cracks.

You know I don't drink you big brute, just toss me your stupid canteen. Mine..l well let's say it saved my ass. Jericho lifted the canteen and showed a huge piece of jagged metal jetting out from the center it. "Literally" He laughed and caught the flying canteen Irish threw and took a swig.

Jericho came back to reality when a girl showed up, others were already making contact so he figured he should just sit back and watch.