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Earth is earth. This is where the sacrifices will take place.


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Kerri sat in the back seat, silent as always. She was simply watching the scenery flash by as her mother drove while following her father's directions. She had learned about this mysterious grandmother just last week. The same time that they got the notification that they won the contest their hospital had put on. They hadn't remembered entering one but the letter said that they had simply been entered automatically. They were excited about having a trip to themselves and, while she was pleased for them, she was also scared. Her parents would have never before left her with someone who she did not know, or even know of. Yet now they were about to drop her off. She looked down to the large sketch pad in her lap and doodled absently. It was there for her to write messages on and also for whatever she wanted it for. How would this relative take her being mute? How would they communicate effectively? It was always something that worried her when she met new people. The movement of the car soothed her and she let her eyes droop shut.

"Honey, we're here. Are you okay?" Kerri blinked and looked up at her mother who smiled down at her. She smiled back and nodded. Her mother straightened up out of the door to let her get out of the car. "You're father has already taken your bags out of the trunk. You know the number of our hotel right? Just in case?" She nodded again as she clutched her sketch pad to her chest. Her mom gave her a quick hug before getting back into the passenger seat. Kerri went to the trunk where her father was waiting with her bags. She had a rolling luggage and a duffel bag. Before she picked up the duffel bag her dad reached up and stroked her hair gently.

"I know your mom has asked you have the number yes?" With a small smile she nodded again. He held the back of her head and dropped a kiss onto her forehead. "Your a strong girl and extremely likable, you would be fine." She looked down so she wouldn't cry and grabbed her bags - her duffel she swung over her shoulder and her free hand took the extended handle of the rolling luggage. He went back to the drivers seat and they waved at her as they drove away.

After a few minutes she worked up the nerve to stop staring at the now empty road and turned towards the mansion where her supposed relative lived. It was large but not in the best of shape it seemed. Understandable if she was the only one living there. Cautiously she went to the door and rang the doorbell. An old woman answer and spoke to her quickly. "Hello, deary. Please please, come in. I'm sure you'll be able to find your room easily. Please stay there until dinner; listen for the bell." Kerri blinked but the woman was already gone. How was she supposed to find her room in this huge place? She walked inside and closed to door quietly behind her. Well..she had best get looking.