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located in Atmora, a part of Destiny: Willpower, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Narren felt a sword against his back. Most likely, this is because the people sitting behind them were also with these people, and there was also a sword at the back of Gibari. The men behind them were smiling. Narren sort of stumbled to a wall holding some various decorations. Thats when the apparent leader noted "Do you know who we are? We are the The Slayers. Best Assassin organization in all of Atmora....". Now, this meant trouble. It meant they were very adept with swords and such. And they knew how to kill. The one holding a sword at Narren noted "Don't try anything boy. Your just one kid who lives in an inn...."

" inn that gets a Master Swordsman eery other day". Narren added, taking one of the swords used for decoration on the wall, slashing one person, and swiping at another, but the second one dodged the blow. Narren had learned quite a bit of swordsmanship from various travelers and such, many of which are master swordsmen. Meaning Narren was just as deadly as an assassin, possibly deadlier.

Another stranger approached them, but he was shot by the man who had ordered the ale. He then aimed his gun at the leader. Now the tides have turned. Sort of.

Its a stand off really.