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Snippet #1946693

located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


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♠ The 'Queen' of Spades ♠

Fiore suppressed a frown at Aria's sudden, impulsive words.

He could already tell the sheer thought of relying on someone else's help for something as simple as getting back was weighing down on her. Or was it just because she didn't feel comfortable with him ... ?

"Just follow the stone path. As long as you don't step outside you should be fine. And I mean that : Don't step outside the path no matter what. Things aren't quite right in Wonderland these days. Even though the Chess Board is essentially a separate entity, it's still a part of Wonderland. If the worlds start overlapping for some reason, this world, too, will get distorted. But the stone path is protected by ancient magic and safe." he replied, setting the kimono and tall stack of towels down by the spring. "I will be going on ahead of you, then. Enjoy your bath and remember not to stray from the road."

At least, he hoped so. So far, the path had always been safe, because it was the same path he had followed when he first fell into Wonderland, crafted by both him and his sister. Their combined power should be enough to keep it safe from distortion. However, times were changing.........

Fiore looked up at the slowly darkening sky, feeling the slight tinge of chill int he air and frowned. There was no doubt that something was going on in Wonderland. Even the Chess Board, distant and removed, was being affected by it.

'What are you planning, sister?'

Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

Belca just heaved a sigh of relief as her hand was let go. She didn't mind being called a wild animal .. well, she did, but just a little bit. She had always known she was crude and very un-ladylike, saying what she wanted how she wanted when she wanted. It didn't bother her as much as it used to.

'Are we really on the right path ...?'

She had a really, really bad feeling about this whole thing. It wasn't really because of a particular reason, but the stench seemed to be growing worse as they ran blindly in a direction that was supposed to take them to safety. That couldn't be right, could it ...? And then there was the nagging feeling of unease that she couldn't quite place .....

She had been spacing out, as she found out when she barely stopped herself from colliding into a wall made of ...... bones?

Belca groaned. Really? Why couldn't she just have stayed up wherever she was actually from? Whatever happened there it couldn't have been worse than this! Or even in that strange watery hall, even that was surely better than this.

"What an honnor it is to have the beast itself come to meet me,"

That's it. The Duchess was officially crazy. Or maybe just in shock.

Her blood froze when they reached the ..... Thing they were obviously being herded towards all along.

So this was Jabberwocky?

Not only was the stench of decay overwhelmingly unbearable, but the sight alone .... slimy, was the only word that came to her mind.

Gagging slightly, she looked back towards the three Chains accompanying them. Were they serious? Fighting that? Was it even possible to damage it, far less kill it?

A boy came stumbling from somewhere, and Belca grimaced, feeling sorry for him. Poor guy just had to run in to this, didn't he?

He must have terrible luck.

But the other Contractor, Moonlight seemed to be taking care of him, so she concentrated on other matters.

Gesturing desperately to the Duchess while trying to look not quite so desperate, she was suddenly reminded of what the Duchess had said, making her grit her teeth.

The Jabberwocky didn't kill people, it corrupted them and used them as its puppets.

Like Hell was she going to be used as a puppet for anyone. She would rather die than that.

Her grip on the katana grew stronger and more determined as she moved to stand just to one side of the Duchess, far enough to not hinder her while close enough to watch for any sudden strikes from the Jabberwocky.

I guess there really is no getting out of it, huh.

"Duchess, this might be a good time to tell me whether or not you know exactly when my 'power' from the Contract is going to emerge, and what it might be. Before, you know, we all die a horrible death at this Thing's hands ... err, whatever it has instead of hands."