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located in Wonderland, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere in Wonderland outside the places already specified in the rp.


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Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Eve V. Kimberly Character Portrait: Dormouse Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Belca Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris Character Portrait: Sinistra "Tweedle Dee" Lato Character Portrait: Destra "Tweedle Dum" Lato Character Portrait: Duchess Sophie Vespre Character Portrait: Jabberwocky Discordia
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Absolem / Caterpillar
(PM me if I didn't respond to something, considering my situation, I highly predict I haven't responded to everything I needed to..)

Absolem raised an eyebrow, it seriously took the cat that long to figure out Duchess's intentions? He tried to not pay mind to the cat's slow deduction process, so he merely glanced to Rhia, then back at the livingroom, "We haven't time, I cannot leave her to surrender to the Jabberwocky, we cannot afford to let that parasite grow any stronger than it already has." Absolem grabbed a few herbal mixtures for headaches, knowing he'd need them in just a few mere moments, "Regardless, we're in this fight no matter what, she's lured it to my location, if those flowers die, we're sitting ducks. I find it better to be on her side, than fighting every man for himself, no? It's common sense, for once, no time for riddles. This is much too serious.." Absolem was once again pale, but mostly due to his rushing, grabbing matches, candles, and containers for the herbal mixtures, each floating around him as he began his idea. I can't let them know I'm unsure we'll make it through this. Look reassuring, look self-assured..

"Put the barrier back? I shall not." Absolem rubbed his temples, staring firmly at the cat, "When the Jabberwocky reaches the flowers, regardless of the barrier, the house will be revealed, if the flowers die, so does the barrier, at least if we're all together we stand a fighting chance." he spat back, "Use your head, I know you're more clever than that." Absolem moved from the room, walking out and almost not even paying a single bit of mind to those around him, "It's a bit of a situation at the moment. Hide yourself, or at least arm yourself.. when the barrier goes down.. I've got a plan, but this is going to be very painful for the both of us, far more than you can imagine." Absolem mumbled to Grey, not standing by a single second longer. He flung the door to his home open before floating up atop of his abode, sitting on the large mushroom. He squinted his eyes, trying to locate the Duchess. If Jabberwocky killed the flowers, this would become a bit difficult, but he tried his best to send her a message through the flowers. -The house isn't very far.. I see you've run into trouble however..when it kills those flowers my home will be vulnerable. I am going to keep it hidden as long as I can, but as you know my contractor and myself will pay a dire price for me using my abilities to cloak the entire structure.- Absolem began preparing himself, rubbing his temples nervously. He'd never attempted to control the barrier on his own, he wasn't even sure if it would work, but he knew if it did, they had at most, ten minutes before he or Grey would be rendered unconcious if not both.

He began drinking one of the mixtures, letting everything land around him, the candles lighting themselves, almost instantly emitting a calming arouma around the house. He took a deep inhale, a faint white smoke rapidly coating the area, but not near enough to hinder one's sight. He finally located Duchess, hoping the flowers got the message before they were destroyed by the Jabberwocky. Though, it did have to find out which flowers controlled the barrier, and around Absolem's house was surrounded by poisonous mushrooms, snapping shrooms and giant venus fly traps. His 'garden' was not a playground by far. Especially the backyard. Absolem had a habit of collecting beautiful things, but his destructive collection was far more massive. His entire backyard was a death trap waiting to happen. He knew it would possibly only pose a distraction, but if needed, he assumed it would at least bide them some time and distance between the groups and the infection taunting them.

"Heh.. Grey was right about the mushroom.." He mumbled to himself. He couldn't help but be amused.



Rhia tensed when she heard Absolem's thoughts. He isn't sure that we're going to survive this? How unsure is he..? She tried to pry furthur into the mint haired man's mind, but he seemed to be avoiding exact answers, even in his mind. No time for riddles? You've caught on to my ability, you're blocking solid answers from me as much as you can, even if I tell Cheshire, it's not like this information is really going to help.. It'll only panic her more. The blue haired girl finished her soup quickly standing up and wiping her mouth, "I guess we're in for a fight?" she asked tilting her head curiously. How..was this going to work? Neither her nor Grey knew anything offensive yet. They'd never really practiced their abilities. What were the weaknesses of the creatures tamed by the Jabberwocky? She shivered at the idea.

She turned to face Cheshire, shaking her head, "He isn't lying. I saw it in his head." she mumbled under her breath softly, "Like a motion picture.. If what he has planned works, he's going to be in a world of pain.." she ran a hand through her hair, looking at the ground, shivering a bit. Whatever she'd seen, it obviously had her very frightened. She didn't even have the control to hide the fear from her Chain, which she normally would have at least attempted, "What can me and Grey do? We won't feel satisfied just sitting here or running..." She whispered at Cheshire, this time pleadingly, "We're here for a reason, and right now I feel pretty useless to this point." She admitted, although it stung her pride for a moment, " Just tell us what to do and I'm sure he'll agree with me, we'll gladly do it to help." She blinked over at the human male afterwards, as if looking for his approval, "Besides, I need to be there just in case he passes out, right?" she grinned at Cheshire, "We want to help protect Wonderland too."