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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #1947275

located in New York, a part of The Cop and the Robber, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Hah, this was easy, for him. Except, why was he robbing a bank? Well, his boss is a moron, and the last thing he needs is more bounty hunters after him.

Diamonte had blown up the cameras and was signal handedly robbing a bank. Was such a thing possible with one person. Okay, of course not. Three hitmen were with him. They kept everybody down, while Diamonte was hacking his way into the vault. Of course, his strategy seemed so different than most, and he didn't bother busting it down with dynomite. With a couple knocks and clicks, it openned. The three fealt like dashing, but Diamonte raised his hand, so they would put their guards back up. Diamonte walked in. His magestic magician figure seemed awkward in such a small building, for his appearences were normally huge.

Hacking his way in, he stole a certain amount of stacks of cash, which he stored in a white briefcase. Walking out, he passed the case to one of the hitmen. What nobody expected was he was the more cowardly, and started running for the entrance. The other two raised their guns, but Diamonte stopped them and grinned. As soon as the criminal crossed the doors, the case exploded, covering him in orange dye. A couple of the people on the floor laughed quietly. "What an asshole," one of the hitmen said. The third one only glared at them, but then realized what was going to happen.

One shot, and he was out cold. "A'ight Diamonte, where's the boss's case?" Diamonte pointed at the vault, "But I'd be careful about the fog, it gets real thick at this time of night." the two nodded, thinking he was refering to their escape plan, however, something went wrong. The two hit a trip-wire. Suddenly, the alarm went off, and they were trapped. Sleeping gas filled the room, one of Diamonte's traps combinded with the security system. Diamonte just laughed, as he walked over to the dead guy. He turned him over onto his stomach, and tied his wrists together using piano wire, which wouldn't exactly make sense if he was dead.

"You can get up now," Diamonte announced at everybody on the floor.

"You're not going to get away from this, Kamen Diamonte!" the owner of the bank shouted at him. "Unfortunately, I don't any cases, do I?" Diamonte replied, "In fact, I'm just going to leave now." Diamonte, however, instead just walked over to the nearest ATM, used one of the criminals' Debit Card and code, and withdrew all of his money. He threw the cash into the air, and of course some people fealt obligated to catch it. At that, Kamen Diamonte simply walked out the front door. The owner grinned, thinking he was an idiot, however, Kamen Diamonte always loved getting into danger, and will always appear before the police. However, he had no idea that because he walked out that door, his life was going to change, pernamently.