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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #1947876

located in Wonderland, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere in Wonderland outside the places already specified in the rp.


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Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris
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She paused, mouth gaping, for a short moment, completely dumbfounded by the man's stupidity. Having the barrier up was one of their very few advantages. If, by some miracle, Jabberwockey didn't see their location they could have the element of surprise on their side. When the Jabberwocky reaches the flowers, regardless of the barrier, the house will be revealed, if the flowers die, so does the barrier.. She could feel herself twitching upon his explanation. Though, as much as she wanted to sink her claws into the man's flesh, she chose instead to let her emotions play out upon her. "What's the use of a barrier if one can see through it after a certain point?!" She growled, patches of skin changing fluidly in waves of multi-hued fur to flesh and back again. Her eyes, which blazed greens, blues and yellows continuously with the change, latched upon the man as he paced. She wasn't a fool. She'd take her anger out on the Beast and then once that was taken care of, if they survived, well she and Absolem would have some..quality time together, but seeing as Caterpillar was making himself useful, she sneered and turned, grumbling aloud, "Are all men this stupid?" Her change-tantrum stopped short when she met her contractor's gaze. She felt her cheeks flush and suddenly found herself worrying what her contractor was thinking. She pulled her arms across her chest and gazed down at the girl, now completely 'normal'. Her ears perked and her tail thrashed about behind her as she listened to the girl talk. A wry grin stretched her lips as she took in Rhia's words. She has a point. Everyone's going to need to play a part to survive this. She offered the girl a cynical smile, acknowledging her statement. "I'll hold you to that."

Seeing as time was running short, she pulled Rhia with her and followed the Caterpillar. She stopped before exiting the house and looked over the poor, groggy boy. Poor sod, she thought, feeling a twang of pity for the child. Prob'ly'll never even make it to puberty.. "Come," she mumbled, grabbing him as well, "I'd keep with your Chain, boy. Don't let him leave you behind." She dragged them both towards the door before fading herself and the contractors upon the mushroom roof. She stopped behind Absolem, pausing to see the situation further ahead. "Here's your contractor. Make some use of him if you can," After Grey previous 'episode' she wasn't convinced the child would be much help. It would take a lot from him for her to think otherwise, but that wasn't her problem. She had Rhia afterall and hopefully the girl would stay true to her word.

Seeing Jabberwockey's bone fence and his terrible titans a ways off she shivers. Things were ugly. Very ugly. Though despite the almost certain death, and/or corruption, they all were heading towards, she was excited to feel that familiar itch in her fingers. Before, it was just her and the Plague, this time around she would have reinforcements. "I hope you're not waiting for that thing to come to you," Her anticipation was growing ever so steadily seeing as one of Jabberwockey's Beasts launched itself towards their direction, it's horrible roar grating within Cheshire's ears. "I doubt that'd be wise." Her fingers were now growing and hardening, becoming the knife-like weapons she used before. She stepped back and twisted upon herself and before anyone had time to exhale she was once again a monstrous tiger-beast. She dug her claws into the Mushroom and licked over her rows of jagged teeth. Satisfied, she grinned, revealing her shark-toothed-mouth in an awful smile. "I apologize ahead of time, Abs," she growled, stepping towards Rhia, "But I assure you it will be worth the pain," She wouldn't face Jabberwockey and his minions personally. The effort she was putting out already had her body burning, but pain could be dealt with. "I know a way to help. It'd be best if you followed." She began to back away, nodding at Rhia to get upon her back. All the while her smile was growing, especially when the roof beneath them began to shudder. "And you better be quick."

Her shortcut to the Patch was a ways off, but at least she was capable of travel now. It wouldn't take long to reach it in her current form, she just hoped Absolem wouldn't continue the idiot-streak he seemed to be having and would follow her. Taking things one-versus-one was stupid. Everyone needed to get together and as much as she'd love to leave Duchess and her friends to fend for themselves as punishment for bringing the army to them, she wouldn't let Jabberwockey take on more Chains. Her claws were itching and she giggled at the transformation she held inside. Oh yes, she cooed as if answering it's stirs, We'll have fun this time around.