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Season of Giving 2020

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located in Future/Sci-fi, a part of Universal War, one of the many universes on RPG.




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- Interstellar Space - Essok fleet -

((To avoid further confusion, anything in "" is translated, anything in <> is Essok))


Stormbreak, with powerful patrol sensors to augment its 'small' size, had first caught evidence of the Dominion fleet, and then of the arrival of the larger ship and its compliment. Even with the massive dreadnaught Burning Dawn and its reserves hidden in the ice field, the new arrivals outnumbered the Essok by 10 ships as they approached with all their bluster. They were very 'noisy', at least, with the emissions of the vessels rattling loudly to Essok senses.

On the Dawn, Vessk makes known his displeasure with a flared frill and a low ratcheting growl deep in his chest, <They show teeth.> The observation was an unecessary one.

<Perhaps it is their way. We hold here.> Shisali's hooved claws nonetheless knead the deckplates as she paces slowly along the command rise.

<Alpha, the ships send.>

We are the Gods of the Dominion mortals. We are not your enemies, we wish for you to join us in our conquest of the universe. Stand by our side and we will show you our might and ascend you to glory.

The words die away into silence, and the translator does its best. But the Essok have no word for God, no concept of immortality or religious glory. At least they can grasp the gist of it. The newcommers claimed peace, and even rushed to propose a joining. All told, the encounter could have gone much, much worse, and for now Shisali is pleased that she needn't test Essok ships in true combat just yet.

<We will reply. Begin preparing this to send back to Haven. If we cannot return to make the report ourselves, they will know why.> She signals the crewmen below and continues to pace.

The larger ship that Cazaz could see responds, with the hidden Burning Dawn pulling the proverbial strings. The words are a broken translation of his own language, but with a somewhat larger vocabulary then was showed with the original transmission. They were learning very quickly.

"Essok wish no blood, welcome the Dominion. Essok are new in the stars." Well, that was obvious. But their ships were solidly built, for all the changes that could come with experience, "Wish to explore, wish to learn. Wish to know our place with Others here."

They were playing this First Contact very carefully, but neither of the two ships concede ground to the approaching Dominion ships.