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located in The Teardrop Forest, a part of The Twelve Guardians, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Teardrop Forest

The Forest surrounding the kingdom


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Character Portrait: Shadow Lord Umbrazk
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Shadow Lord Umbrazk ~ Approaching Teardrop Forst

The abomination supervised the industry of his army from a jutting precipice of the mountain overlooking what he claimed as his camp of convenience. The snow had ceased its relentless downfall to a gentle sprinkle of light flakes; the wind remained a cold biting force against all. The sun was high, and elves moved all about the camp, continuing to make preparations for the battles ahead. They looked bees at work in the hive, moving with purposeful deliberation. Even many of the Draszk worked to help with the preparations, demonspawn moving the largest of the caravans and supplies. Most lingered about the outskirts of the camp impatiently awaiting the command to kill. Umbrazk could feel their bloodlust as he tapped into the mind of one. His time was beginning to run out. His allies were becoming impatient, and Umbrazk himself was growing irritated. The brief connection of mind he had with Teldrun, the elf he had left in charge of another small ambush party to keep the Treants or Trolls at bay, had dawned much needed information onto the abomination. With the Trolls and Treants working together, they posed a dire and real threat to the path of Glory for the Shadow Lord. The abomination eyed his forces below and tried to estimate the possible Troll forces in the forest. The more he thought about it, the more he doubted his army.

The time is now… the abomination thought to himself. The Abyss completely dominated Umbrazk’s mind briefly, flooding it with images and information in a flash, and it felt as if a knife had been slammed through the abomination‘s skull. The darkness around him broke the mental connection in the next instant, twisting the knife as it was yanked free. Umbrazk fell to his knees, panting and trying to recover. The abomination had his will delivered and it would be carried out. He smiled sinisterly pulled himself out the snow and rose to his feet; he raced down to the camp in a frenzy, shouting out commands here and there and pushing his mind out to give commands else where. There was much to be done, and so little time to do it in. The abomination extended his mind outward, searching for the other two blessed, chosen ones. He found their unique minds with ease and intruded into their well guarded minds; Lilyth freely allowed him to enter her mind, but Zels put up so much resistance Umbrazk was only just able to break into his mind. In the end he was the dominating force in their minds and his words echoed down to their very core.

“Meet me at the head of the camp. We have much to discuss and little time to do so.” The Shadow Lord told them and then severed the connection, delivering a similar fate to them like the one he had just received. Umbrazk peered down the mountain at the forest below, cursing the filth below. He could hear snow crunching behind him and then it stopped. He turned to find the two chosen ones standing beside one another seeming to be waiting for their orders.

“Our time has come. Treants and Trolls within the forest block our path, but I will not allow such petty barrier keep us from our lands. I will not fail in my promise. Not now, not ever.” Umbrazk began to tell the two. Lilyth seemed to absorb every syllable spoke by Umbrazk and Zels seemed to ignore it all. Umbrazk seized up the `arrogant` Orc, attempting to choke him but failing.

“If I had not sensed the strength within you, I would kill you now. I will not do anything that can work against my promise, but should there ever come a time when you choose to disobey your Lord I will kill you without hesitation." Umbrazk released Zels, and Zels said nothing in response, but the Shadow Lord could feel rage within him. Umbrazk carried out his orders and made sure the two were precisely aware of their crucial role in the upcoming battle.

“If either of you should fail, it could ruin everything we have worked so hard to gain and could even completely destroy the path to righteousness and glory for us. So set out and do not fail or you will damn us all.” Umbrazk finished, walking calmly and confidently away from the two.