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Snippet #1951958

located in New York, a part of The Cop and the Robber, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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D When the flash went off she covered her eyes with her upper arm but she still couldn't see. She heard his voice, her gun was gone. When the smoke from the flash went away She heard he cheff "Alice? Please tell me your alright?" She looked back there was still smoke. "I' m fine." She picked up the recorder and stuffed it into her pocket, She would get him. She couched a bit, and walked over to the other police cars..."He got away, sir" She looked down "He stole me gun." The cheff put his hand her shoulder "It's alright you almost had him." She thought about what he had said "The kitten of the team" When she looked at him..."Where'd they meet before....?" She thought "Sir? How'd he know me?" She asked as the other cop cars left. He looked at her "I don't know, but watch your back" He the got in his car and drove off.

She walked to her car and got into it. "This is officer Alice, i'll be on a privite case, leave my calls" She said into the breaker. She turned on the car and closed the door. She first had to go to her house to pick up a few things. When she got to her house She parked on the side of the curb so she doesn't have to back out to cost her time. She quickly went up to the door and got out her keys, then unlocked the door. She walked inside and closed the door. She grabed her extra gun out o the end table by the door. Then she quickly took a shower then headed out to go to the Staute of Liberty where he said his next "Big Show" would be. She got to the door and shut out the light and said "Lets go find he robber." She got outside and took a deep breath, then walked to her car. She got in and pulld ou onto te road and headed to Miss.Liberty.

When she got to Miss. Liberty she took a boat to the island. When the boat reached the island she grabed her stuff and sat on the bench waiting for his show. While he was waiting lots of peope were visitin that day, she got a little worried for them there wer kids and baby's she wise they all hadn't come just in case so the won't have a harm i dieing today. She looed at them for awhile then noticed the boat for the people to go back wasn't coming...She wounered why. She went over and said "Something wrong?" One of the mom's tuned around "We've been waiting here for 20 minutes but the boat hasen't come." She said then looked back at New York. "That odd. It should have been here though, i'll call them and see whts up" She called and then went over "They said there's no more gas they will get some soon" he said then went back to the bench.