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located in Wonderland, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere in Wonderland outside the places already specified in the rp.


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(OOC: I will add all my italics and bolds later.. I am exhausted, hungry and worn out..hopefully when this hype in my irl calms down I will be able to put more thought into my posts instead of rushing to try and consume the information and respond..for that I apologize..)


Absolem's eyes darkened as Cheshire barked at him. Annoying.. I don't have time for things such as this. He ran a hand through his hair, clenching his jaw to resist throwing the cat across the clearing for giving him such a look, "The flowers control the barrier. It wasn't built to keep out the Jabberwocky, but unwanted dwellers of Wonderland. I created it AFTER Jabberwocky was imprisoned so I didn't quite prepare it for such a challenge, "Sorry it doesn't live up to your expectations Cheshire." He snapped back, the candles soothing his headache. He shot the feline a menacing glare, daring her to say much more on the matter. She was truly irritating his mental strain in all the wrong places at the moment, "Jabberwocky will NOT see us unless he abolishes those flowers." and he pointed to the plant life at the west wall of his house by the window. He placed them rather strategically. The infection wouldn't reach them until the very last moment as it neared the house. It bought them time. It bought them stealth, “I’m sure we are.” Absolem rolled his eyes bemused by the feline’s statement. I was prepared for a lot of things, but Jabberwocky was not one of them.
Absolem turned his eyes to Grey, blinking when she put the boy behind him, “Alright. Well. If you have a plan, it’s best to use it now. I can buy us all a decent amount of time. If I do not have to protect my home. I can easily create a new one.” He rubbed his temples. He already accepted the fact he was losing the home he’d had since the beginning of his stay in wonderland.

Absolem gazed upon the wall as well, trying to come up with a solution. He couldn’t take something that massive down with his mere mental capacity. It would kill him and possibly Grey as well. Absolem tilted his head, “All I can do in this situation is bide everyone here time of invisibility to that infection, I may not stay here, but I have to stay relatively close. If you’ve got an idea, do tell.” Absolem still hadn’t fully recovered from their last escape.. the strain was obvious in his deduction skills… his strategic mind was practically fried. Using his telekinesis for extended periods strained his ability to think. Now was not the time to be suffering from repercussions. He stood up brushing himself off, “I’ll have no choice but to accept that offer.” He turned his gaze over to Grey, smiling a bit.

Absolem nodded, “We’re going to help.. I’m going to roll with Cheshire’s idea, and at the very last second I’ll tell the flowers to flee if they are capable.” He rubbed his temples. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but every so often since he helped Rhia and Grey escape.. he was losing his vision for a moment now and then.

“First we need a distraction Grey. I love that you’re trying to help…but what good does it do if the Jabberwocky is stuck on our trail forever..?” The man asked curiously. He put his hands on his shoulders, “I have an idea.. when the time is right…use this to carry everyone to safety once we’ve got the right time to flee. Without the vorpal blade..we can’t do anything to the Jabberwocky. So stay hidden and in the distance. Cheshire will send you the signal and that’s when you come in for the rescue boat retrieval leave at the south gate.. alright? The east gate is a suicide mission.” He tapped the boy on the head, messing up his hair. Then he sighed, pulling away and tugged at his own green hair, clenching and unclenching his eyes repeatedly until his vision returned to him full-fledged. Absolem jumped from the roof, floating down to safety, looking over to Cheshire before following behind her. He used his abilities to send him propelling forward, so speed wasn’t really an issue. He needed to relay the message that they had an escape route. “Grey has the get-away vehicle. We just need the distraction. We can’t beat it without the sword.. as much as that irritates me. We need it. We need a human and the sword..” he hissed irritated. Why would the Queen let something like this happen? He grinned when the flowers clawed at his mind, informing him of a turn of events. He rubbed his temples, looking over to Cheshire deciding the word would be enough to relay the needed message, “Bandersnatch..” and his menacing grin widened a bit, “Sounds like the distraction we needed.”



Rhia looked to Absolem apologetically. He didn’t deserve it. The whole time he was just trying to protect them and Cheshire was scared, so it wasn’t her fault either, but this wasn’t getting them anywhere. She bit her bottom lip before she decided to voice her own opinions, “It wasn’t his fault.. he bought us time to rest, he kept us safe this long.. can’t we just be a little grateful to Absolem? Whether or not he opened his home up.. wouldn’t she have drawn the Jabberwocky here looking for it herself?” She sighed at that bit, gripping the sides of her dark blue pants. She wasn’t sure how Cheshire would respond, if she’d like that she’d spoken up, but she really didn’t mind at the moment. Absolem was getting blamed for everything and she owed both Absolem AND Cheshire her life. When Cheshire mentioned holding her to her word she just smiled and nodded. I wouldn’t have it any other way you silly cat, “Alright. That’s what I was banking on.”

Rhia followed behind, keeping a good pace before giggling at Grey, “You look tired.” She laughed, then frowned at Cheshire’s thoughts about the boy. That wasn’t nice.. she thought to herself, sighing a bit. She bit her bottom lip, looking over at Cheshire nervously, “I’m not sure about what I am capable of..but I’m willing to try anything to help.” She reassured the feline, who seemed to have growing worries and anxiety. She reach with her free hand, petting the cat again. It was a little awkward, but she wanted to soothe the cat a little. To reassure her that she’d do her best, “Like I said before. I’m not letting anyone change me. Turning into one of those things counts.. and I still owe you and Absolem. I’ve got to redeem myself.” She smirked a bit, then she felt her expression fade. Cheshire definitely wasn’t too fond of Absolem and Grey.. and eventually they’d have to fight Absolem and Grey as well.. She didn’t like the sound of that. I don’t want to fight them.. they’re my friends.

Apologize for what? She was very confused. Maybe this is why Absolem was trying to act on his own? Everyone had their own ideas and no one was relatively willing to share them, “How the hell are we all supposed to work together if no one is listening to eachother, sharing their ideas!?” she snapped, “I can read your thoughts here and there and I am still confused!” she added in a tempered tone, “We’re going to get nowhere if no one knows the plan!” she hissed. She took a breather for a moment, trying to calm herself down, but being in the dark was starting to irritate her. She wanted to know what was going on, how bad the situation was, what she could do. What she was going to HAVE to do. Absolem was amazing with his mind, but he couldn’t read thoughts and Cheshire was freaking out.. did she really think everyone was aware of her idea? She got upon Cheshire’s back as silently advised, biting her bottom lip. They were leaving Grey behind to stay hidden? Absolem had that much faith that the boy could handle himself already? This was either incredibly stupid or brilliant depending on Jabberwocky and Grey. It all boiled down to how each responded to each other after Cheshire returned with her surprise. Or worse.. before Cheshire returned with her surprise. Absolem was putting everything on the line, his home, his freedom, his contractor.. just to keep everyone safe. I see.. if we don’t get away properly ..Absolem figures none of us will be safe. He’s so rash for such a brilliant mind. Maybe it’s just where his powers drained his ability to strategize..? Although, maybe this.. it’s his way of pretending to not care for Grey? He doesn’t seem like the kind to typically get close to others. She clung to Cheshire for once, she hated being off her feet. It was the only thing close to heights on her fear scale.