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Snippet #1957368

located in Kingdom Of Ethieven, a part of Stand and Deliver, one of the many universes on RPG.

Kingdom Of Ethieven



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Character Portrait: Braith Alwyn Character Portrait: Charles VanFleet
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Braith awoke early and gathered his belongings. Some hard riding was in his future. Hopefully he would get to the group before the king’s men did. Braith figured he would have to cross the line of troops and made sure to not keep anything incriminating, stashing it in his usual hidey holes around the inn. He headed out to the stables, enjoying the crispness of the morning. He saddled and mounted his horse.

He rode hard through the morning. As the sun rose Braith noted the gathering clouds. He sighed. He didn’t like this hard riding and most assuredly did not want to do it soaking wet. As he crested a small rise he smiled as he saw a carriage in the distance. Once more spurring his horse he caught up to the slower moving carriage. He pulled up next to it and waved to the driver. The driver waved back, cautiously. Braith flashed a friendly smile, “Ho driver, who do you have riding today?”

The driver relaxed slightly at Braith’s friendly tone and the fact that he rode with his face uncovered and not heavily armed, “Good day sir. This is mistress Camilla’s carriage.”

Braith didn’t immediately recognize the name so smiled and nodded, “Does she have a chaperone?”

The driver narrowed his eyes at Braith and Braith chuckled again, “No, no sir. You have me all wrong. I have naught but honourable intentions. I have heard there are highwaymen about this road. I thought, with the rain coming, I might offer my services as chaperone and tie my horse to your team. You would be able to move to the next town faster and be out of danger of dishonourable criminals, whilst I get to stay dry and defend the honour of a lady.”

With that the curtain of the carriage opened slightly and Braith caught the glimpse of a young, pretty, noble woman. He bowed his head and doffed his cap at the woman and flashed another smile, full of charisma. The woman smiled back, coyly and closed the curtain. From the other side of the carriage Braith could make out a woman’s voice, “Driver, does this man speak the truth? Are these roads dangerous? Would you make better time with his horse?”

The driver sighed, “Mi’Lady, all roads could be dangerous. But yes, I have also heard stories of highwaymen. And more horses always mean a faster trip.”

Camilla, “Oh, then we should stop and let this man help us.”

The driver nodded and pulled up the team. Braith stopped and helped the driver attach his horse to the team. He removed his cap and climbed into the carriage, “Good day lady Camilla. My name is Braith Alwyn. I am fortunate to have run across a beautiful lady. It will be my honour to ensure your safety on your trip.”

Camilla smiled shyly at Braith’s compliments. Even if the roads proved devoid of danger at least the company would prove entertaining. The lady folded her hands into her lap, “So tell me, what brought you travelling the road this day?”

As the carriage started moving Braith could hear the rain start. He thought briefly about how the others would be forced to deal with it before shrugging. He had prettier things to be concerned with currently and returned his attentions to the lady.


The next morning he wished the Lady Camilla a good journey as they headed in separate directions. The skies were overcast and the way was muddy, but it was still better being able to ride in dry clothes. As the sun broke through the clouds Braith came upon the rearguard of the king’s troop. As he expected they were stopping traffic on the road. Two men signalled him to slow and stop. Braith brought his horse slowly to the men and dismounted, “Good day gentlemen. It is wonderful to see the king’s men patrolling this road. I have heard the Ghosts of Brekin are haunting the area. I’m quite sure I caught glimpses of shadowy figures some distance behind me.”

One of the guards frowned, “What’s it to you? We’re more concerned about where you are headed.”

Braith nodded, an open and respectful look on his face, “No doubt you would be. I would expect no less. I am headed through the Brekin wood. My business is in the trading of trinkets, you see. I collect odds and ends and deliver them to other collectors who do not have the means to travel themselves. I am off to pick up some craftwork currently, as I have a collector in Corwen who is looking for a specific piece. See, it is a hand carved, ivory elephant. The irony is not lost on my collector friend, of course.” Braith continued with details about this phantom craft as the guard’s eyes glazed over.

The same guard that spoke originally, “Right, quiet now. Look, come see our captain. He’ll decide if you get to your collector.”

Braith nodded, “A wonderful suggestion.” He walked his horse with the two men.

Braith saw the shorter man and recognized the trappings of a captain before he was brought forward.

The guard spoke to the shorter man, “Captain VanFleet. This man says he has business in Corwen.”

Braith stepped forward respectfully doffing his cap and removing a glove. He held out his hand as he spoke, “Ah, yes, eventually back in Corwen, but I’m headed through the woods at the moment. Off to meet a craftsman in Huddleston, just on the far side of Brekin. My name is Braith Alwyn, a pleasure to meet an esteemed captain of the King’s men.”