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located in Calisma, a part of Calisma, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Xan Hallister
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"Is it over?" Xan quietly said to himself as he heard the Prince call for everyone to regroup. Xan had sat himself down on the grass in the shadows, his arms dropped by his sides. A throbbing pain started to spread through his arms, his technique to fool his body of pain had started to wear off as things calmed down. His finger tips twitched slightly, in all honesty he really didn't want to move from the spot he was at now. However if he didn't go and show himself people might think that he had been killed in the fight. He tried to prop himself up off the ground before falling back down, his teeth clenched to keep himself from shouting out in pain. He took in a breath before he pushed his body against the tree that he was propped up against to force himself to his feet. He put his daggers away behind his cloak again, he did so slowly, as moving his arms as of right now was quite a bit painful. Hopefully a good nights rest would cure him of this pain by the morning, that's how it usually went. Then again it had been a while since he had been in this condition, it might take two days or even more, but hopefully most of the pain will be gone by the morning.

He walked out from the shadows, back into the light of the fire, it's only then that he actually noticed the blood that was on his clothing. Most likely from that one archer that he pulled into his daggers to save himself more pain. Luckily it was only his shirt and not his pants, although how he was going to wash it he wasn't sure.

"I'm fine, I believe those two might be the ones that had it the worst" he said, replying to the Princes query. He stood by the fire to take a better look at his clothing, his shirt was a mess the blood was all over. He sighed as he gently pulled off his cloak and tried to take the shirt off. The sticking of the blood on the shirt to his skin didn't feel pleasing at all. Although as he tried to raise his arms above his head a sharp pain shot though his arms, causing him to grit his teeth and quickly put his arms down. He sat on the ground, his body seemed more like it was pulled to the ground than anything. Both hands going to the opposite shoulder, "What a pain" he said, meaning it literally and figuratively. He took a few deep breaths before he forced his arms to work and pull his shirt off, putting his cloak back on once it was off. He wondered if there as a lake or pond or some source of water near by where he could wash the shirt at. Maybe something that was deep enough that he could soak his shoulders in cool water, or was it warm water that helped with these kinds of pain? Although it would be certain that either way it might make him feel better than he did now. "I'm gonna go wash this off, if I can find someplace to do so" Xan said to the others as he started to walk off, his bloodied shirt in hand. he wanted to wash it off before it dried up.

He wasn't quite sure where he was going, but he just walked through the trees before he heard the sound of water flowing. It wasn't much bit a was small waterfall about four feet high, it was good enough for him to not only wash his shirt but to cool his shoulders as well. He pulled off his cloak again, and his pants as well this time as he headed off to sit under the little waterfall. The water was cold, very cold, but it felt quite good on his shoulders. He sat down, his shoulders being hit by the cold water, as well as putting his shirt next to him. Trying to get off the blood that had managed to stain it. It was very unlikely that all of it would come off but at the very least it would be cleaner than if he did nothing. As he wiped, scrubbed, and wrung out his shirt he noticed how much of the actual stain was being removed, it hadn't completely disappeared but the color had faded quite a bit. The cold water on his shoulders managed to numb the pain enough to where he could be a little rough while cleaning without to much pain. He looked at the shirt, holding it open in front of him, although not completely gone it was as good as it was going to get. He knew blood stains wouldn't come out completely but at least now he wouldn't have a large splat on his shirt. He simply threw his shirt off to the side onto the ground next to his pants, he would stay under the little waterfall for a bit the cold water was quite soothing.