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Snippet #1973631

located in Throme, a part of Masks of the Soul, one of the many universes on RPG.


Throme - a city of urban wonders


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Character Portrait: Amara "Amy" Calen Character Portrait: Vera Chung
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Vera Chung | Greenhouse -> Throme

Shooting the older woman a smile, she placed her purchases gently on the closest flat surface. As she straightened up, it was just in time to catch glimpse of that friendless, irritating upperclassman that was astonishing enough, younger than she was. It was almost obvious, ‘cause Vera was 100% certain, more than that really, that that kid… Amara, lacked any portion of intelligence. Today, she was a mess, with leaves and flowers in her hair and tie missing. This debris was doubtlessly stolen off of the beautiful plants that thrived in their greenhouse.

“Hey, Amy! Why did you get here so early? There’s still time to spare before… well, you know,” here, Vera flapped her hands as though she had no words to explain what she had to state. “I just took a little detour and stopped by the marketplace, and then I was able to find this set of teacups. Doesn’t it look amazing? Is the pattern alright with you?’ she asked then, gesturing excitedly in the direction of her purchases. “They weren’t that expensive either.” Catching a glimpse of Liesel’s pursed lips, as the woman’s hands tightened against the lighter that she was oh-so-conveniently holding, Vera quickly pulled Amara’s arm and attempted to drag her towards the door, babbling all the while.

Without a pause to see if the girl had said anything, or listening, Vera continued. “So, Amara, I think that we haven’t been able to really talk to each other yet. Since Lucas isn’t here yet, we might as well go on ahead and have a nice conversation since we’re the only girls on the student council now. Is that okay with you?” she asked, with a bright grin. She was one of those Valencia brats, right? With their tutors, snobbiness, fake posh attitude, and idiocy. It wasn’t everyday that one of those transferred over to Cenriel - heck, there were many rumors flying around about her before she came.

“What’s Valencia like? I’ve heard so much about it,” All of it bad, of course, “but I figured that since you were the one who really understands it, you should know it better than Sanya and her posse. I bet it’s not as good as Cenriel, right?” And if they were able to let go of their mistaken pride, and look somewhere other than their own little circle, they would doubtlessly be flocking to Cenriel Academy like the sheep that they are.

Throwing open the door, Vera breathed in the feel of the fresh air and cold breeze that had pervaded Throme through these months. She did not spare a single thought to what Amara would answer - Vera was absolutely certain of her own opinion and well, nothing would shake her of her conviction. The cloudless sky allowed the bright sunlight to shine through without impediment, but even its warmth couldn’t ruin the feel of this day. It marked the start of the transition to winter, which Vera was looking forward to.

“We should be heading towards Nivcien Science Institutes, so that shouldn’t be too far away. It’s just a few minutes by subway away, anyways. I think it should be Line 5? Yeah, the light purple one. Do you have any change on you? You need like 50 cents to ride the subway - the government cut prices, because they want to save the environment. Have you heard about the new decree? There was this complaint, so they have put all of these fuel efficiency, energy saving laws in place. Isn’t that so progressive of Ms. Cosette?”

Waving a farewell to the uniformed guard that made sure that no one strayed off campus during school hours, she made a left turn, and continued to walk on the flawless sidewalk. A blue convertible screeched by, with the driver blasting loud music and bobbing his head to its thudding beat. Behind it, a public bus, with a flashing 101, stopped at the Cenriel Academy bus stop, as an old lady stepped out of the bus. Vera gave her a face-stretching smile, before quickening her step. She really would help her, especially in front of Amara, but it really was rude to offer help before the person asked for it. Vera personally felt it humiliating.