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located in Medieval Fantasy, a part of The Crossroads of Power, one of the many universes on RPG.

Medieval Fantasy



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Memory is a strange thing. It makes one remember things that are important, both good and bad. Often it records the events with no true meaning, simple shiny baubles to adore the complexity of one's past recollections. To forget the unwanted parts, one would require more than merely willpower and, even then, the task would prove impossible. Such imprints manifested themselves in one's dreams and haunted their minds for days, the affected person, without a completely logical explanation and full of folklore, would worry to no end. Of course, there were those that would gain through people's superstition; charlatans who promised the naΓ­ve to rid them of nightmares, which were an 'obvious' bad omen... Many were drawn into these schemes, throwing their hard-earned copper and silver pieces into the pitless abyss of human greed, simply to come to a state of content that their dreams were then safe.

To someone like Karad, though, this was not so. His mind, strange and alien to the outside, worked in different ways, absorbing information throughout his life, adding to the growing pile of everything that had happened to him in the past, whether good or bad. While he was not all-knowing, nor had a perfect memory, strong emotions had a tendency of burning the events deeply into his conscience. And just one such emotion had left its mark upon him; a feeling of hatred, anger and blood lust. It had been long something he had been harbouring for a single person but, over the years, it had managed to creep its way into everything he did and anyone around him. This led to him developing a rather nasty sense of seeing everything and everyone merely as tools, even though he used none.

He could still clearly remember that day so many years ago, could still see the face of the one, hear his voice, smell his stench, feel his fear. And the fact that this person had attempted to take his life, whether for glory or for his own amusement, at a critical stage of life was even more infuriating. Minding his own business, it came first as amusement, then as confusion and lastly as hate. Lacking the physical prowess he possessed today, the outcome of the fight was closer than he would've liked, but it wasn't long until he had driven the foul dog away.

He remembered him well... And he still had him in his mind. Waiting for the right moment. And now was the right moment. He had all the time to spare.

Having spent his previous years mostly alone, Karad had little experience of any of the civilisations that encroached the lands. If he wanted his plan to succeed, he would need to plan accordingly; learn the ruse, get close to the one he was pursuing and then - strike. Of course, it all sounded incredibly easy and quick when put into such simple context; the reality was quite different. Not only would he need to spend time amongst those he would try to imitate - something he loathed from the beginning - he would also somehow need to get close to his target. And the latter would definitely not prove to be straightforward.

But why all this nonsense with hiding when he could simply do it all his way and smash the one who had wronged him? Karad knew this man would have clearly remembered their meeting as well. Perhaps he was not flaunting about it but one thing was clear - as soon as his guards would alert him of impending danger, the man would flee and the search would begin all over again.

Yes, this man he was looking for - it was a king.


Revenge was a dish best served cold - and planned. At least in this case, any way. So he had to start small. Small and careful. Any strange happenings or behaviour would raise the alerts of the kingdom's soldiers, especially now when they were preparing to go to war with their neighbouring country. So Karad picked the western-most kingdom where peace still reigned. But where to start? Would he simply stop the first man or woman he'd find and tell them of his needs? No, that would simply not work. This would require guile and patience, even if he sometimes lacked the latter.

The forest he was walking through seemed peaceful enough; the trees were providing a nice, cool shade along the road that made its way through it. A welcome shield from the blazing sun on the sky, as he found out just how hot it could be in this body of soft skin and flesh. Dressed in little else than tattered, colourless commoner clothes that he stole from a farm nearby, his leather shoes were all but almost falling apart. Despite this, his black hair looked well-kept, at least for now, and his face lacked the distinct spots of hard labour and grime a normal inhabitant of the working class would usually be found with. It was a strange mix that certainly didn't aid his ruse of trying to play the part...

While the sounds that permeated the forest were mostly those of birds chirping and the occasional gust of wind rustling the leaves, a sudden crash alerted the boy to the road ahead. Just around the corner, something must have happened - either a tree fell down or... Bah! What was the point of attempting to guess these things if he could simply walk over to have a look. He remembered how people usually fought wildlife with a bow or a sword, neither of which he had on his person; it would be something he would need to acquire...

Walking along the road, the boy, who appeared to be in his twenties, spotted a cargo-laden cart which had crashed into a nearby tree, two horses and a man. He was alone - perfect! This was exactly what he was hoping for all this time. Yet this was also the time to play his ruse, something which he hadn't practised at all...

Stepping closer, he let himself be seen by the man, raising a hand in the air to greet him. "Greetings, err... traveller." Was that it? No, no, he had to think of something, quickly! His heart picked up the pace and his mind raced to find the answers. What was he supposed to say? He wasn't even sure what the man was doing... Apparently his cart had crashed into the trees but... "What are you doing in this forest?" he inquired, quickly kicking himself mentally for the silly question. "Yes, this would definitely not arouse suspicion," Karad thought to himself, trying to remain calm.