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located in Ascavia, a part of Seizing the Crown, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Gretel
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It was way too early for anyone to be awake, as Gretel was wearing an long white dress that goes down to the floor as the maid tried getting her to wear some ballet flats. "Y-You have to wear shoes madam!" The maid said quite scared as Gretel gave her an creepy smile before she attack, last thing you hear is her screaming for Gretel to stop.


“Gretel!Stop it!.” Her father cried as he walk in to find his youngest child, next to the bloody maid who was already dead for telling her what to do. Her dress was cover in blood as she held an knife, one she use fairly often as she look innocently at her father, but there is nothing innocent about Gretel. She lost all innocence when her father abandon them long ago as children in the woods. She never forgave her father for what he has done to them as she drop the knife next to the lifeless maids body as she stripped out of the dress and into an new one, that was white and blue. It went down to her ankles as she slipped on some blue ballet flats as she followed her father outside. "I never liked her anyways.."She said softly as she look at her father from the corner of her eye. "Where's Hansel?" She asked as her father nervously ran an hand through his hair. "He's already gone..I thought it would be better if you two get there in separate carriages..You’ll meet up with him later at Ascavia."

Gretel narrowed her eyes as she frown at him. Her father nervously stare at his daughter. He knew she was way more difficult to handle then Hansel. She could one minute be fine, then the next she would hold an knife towards your throat as she threatens you.

Don’t forget what you’re supposed to be doing in Ascavia.”He eyed his daughter nervously. “I want either you or Hansel to secure the throne...that means that you need to be on your best behavior, alright?” He said nervously as he beg her with his eyes not to do anything crazy, like killed others or threaten them.

Gretel bit her lip as she put an innocent look on her face. "Of course father.." She said sarcastically as she turn away from him, rolling her eyes.

“I mean it Gretel!”Her father said annoyed.

“Yeah, I know father.” Gretel said smirking before opening the door to the carriage and setting one foot inside. “Well, I think I will be going now father. Goodbye.”

Realizing that the time for departure had come, the driver got into his seat and took the reins of the horses. The King just stare as the carriage rattled down the paved road. Hopefully Hansel gets the throne, he's too scared if it was his daughter. Did he really wanted Gretel to return? Ten years ago, his daughter had been the sweetest little girl that was so innocence and caring that wouldn't hurt anyone. After returning from the woods though, both his children had changed.

Gretel may have the innocene act going on, but she had developed an obsession for violence and blood and she would become dangerous without any warning. She's also obsessed with fire, which frightens him since she barely notice if she burn herself or not. Hopefully she hasn't brought her lighter with her and actually listen to him for once in her life. But this is his daughter he was talking about, she never listen to anyone except for Hansel. No matter how much of an monster she is, he will always love her. Plus its fault that his children are like that, he left them in the woods alone, just because his wife told him to.

The King didn’t know what happened in the forest so many years ago, and he had never dared to ask his children. But whatever it was, it had changed his two sweet children into cold-blooded murderers, Gretel the most out of the two of them. He couldn’t relate to them anymore. It was this reason that prevented the King from shouting goodbye to his daughter before the carriage turned the bend in the road and was completely out of earshot. 

Ashwood was roughly three-quarters of a day’s distance away from Ascavia. A relatively short trip compared to many of the other Kingdoms. Gretel sigh as she play with her lighter, her father told her not to bring it but she never listen to him. She close her eyes as she lay down, yawning. She didn't have much sleep last night since she was having nightmares of that awful day with the evil witch that tried to eat her and her brother. Ever since what happen, she would never touch,see,or hear anything to do with sweets. If someone dare to eat some in front of her, well she would kill them. If someone was to force her near them, she would kill them, and if someone even dare talking about dealious sweets at all in front of her, well I think you already know what will happen. She close her eyes as she slowly fallen asleep, this time she wasn't dreaming at all, which she was grateful for, meaning she won't have any nightmares and can finally sleep without waking up screaming like always.

When her eyes opened again, she saw the driver, what was his name? Ah Steven, staring at her nervously as he said stuttering. "W-Were here m-m-madam" As Gretel flash him her smile that scares most people as Steven look anywhere but at her as she gotten out and look around for Hansel. She saw him as she walk over to him.