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located in Medieval Fantasy, a part of The Crossroads of Power, one of the many universes on RPG.

Medieval Fantasy



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This was not the response he was hoping for - not at all. Perhaps he didn't present his questions correctly, did not behave like one of them would? No matter; now that he had a human all alone here, he was not letting the opportunity simply slide away. "Food is not an issue. The forest is here and many wild creatures roam about, all quite edible," he explained, as if an expert on hunting, which was not far from the truth. However, what he perceived as 'edible' might have been something completely different to one such as Sergius. "As for blankets, I need none." The latter was a bold statement as, in all truth, he had never experienced the cold of night as how he was now, so he had no idea whether these blankets would be actually needed or not. But, in his permeating arrogance, he had decided such devices were useless to him and that enduring the elements would be but a small feat, quickly forgetting how the hot sun felt uncomfortable against his soft skin just hours ago...

Hmm, there was more he should've said. More he should've offered, made the human get interested in his offer, spice up the 'deal'. Of course, being blatant and direct about it was an option, but he wasn't sure this man would be willing to parley with what he really was. No, he would need to whet his appetite for greed first. It was there in every human, every dwarf, it just sometimes needed a bump to be started properly.

"I see you are a mere merchant of some kind," Karad suddenly asserted so confidently. In fact, he wasn't completely sure what the man was doing with the cart of what he was transporting, but that mattered little. If he wasn't living in a large mansion with servants and guards, chances were he would be willing to listen to his deal. Actually, even nobles were consumed with greed; but they were difficult to approach and would pose a risk of revealing his secret before the time was right. A commoner, however - well, nobody would believe a young man of the stories of meeting a dragon offering him riches in the forest.

Before letting Sergius respond, the boy continued: "On my travels, I have seen many a large mansion and castle in which powerful, rich nobles live. Surely not a life you would ever touch, nor see." All of what he was saying was most likely the truth, but it didn't seem like he cared whether this would anger the other or not. Commoners usually despised those who would make fun of their lives, but Karad was neither a commoner nor a noble. He simply did not care for the common courtesy and was wholly submerged in his feeling of superiority and arrogance.

"But," the boy added, eyes narrowing and finding the man by the cart, "would you ever wish for a life of such luxury and abundance?"[/i] It was a bold statement, more obvious than not that he was planning something. Were it merely a psychological game, it surely was a cruel one, for the lives of common people were usually harsh and full of hard labour, while the nobles enjoyed the leisure of being served and never truly having to worry about gold and silver. "If it were at your fingertips?"