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located in Dofrey Asylum, Canada, a part of Dofrey Asylum: Handed Over, one of the many universes on RPG.

Dofrey Asylum, Canada



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There are some memories that make us laugh in afterthought, despite how horrifying they were in present time.
Other memories that we look back on make us shudder, they cause us to contemplate on why we did it, what we could have done to prevent it.
.... But I've learned to shut them off. No regrets. No remorse. I'm dead. There's nothing left to worry about.

Edith Carroll

Edith shook her head, having lingered outside of her 'room' for a while now, just simply watching the others down the hall and through the doors that would open here and there when a guard called for back up for the cafeteria. Another fight. How amusing, she thought to herself as she pretended to walk down the hallway. Truly, all that happened was a glide, though the softest tingling sensation shot through her body-less existence, causing the molecules that made up her ghostly entity to buzz, humming from the pleasure of pretending she were normal, that she was truly walking, that there was no transparency. She even pretended to lift up her hand and hold open the door for herself, though it didn't budge. She didn't have the density. She never would without some crazy voodoo or whatever those cracked sorcerers called it. Part of her longed for the ability to touch and feel things again, but on second thought, just breezing through the door as if it had no barrier properties at all brought the same rush through her.

The thought violated any body's privacy, and she liked that very much.

Drifting through the cafeteria, close to the ground as she pretended to walk across the floor, she 'bumped' in to another girl. She wasn't partaking in the fights going on, as it would seem, and looked completely and utterly lost. Confused. She must have been new. Had to be. Sizing her up in a quick 1-2-3, Edith determined that this one could be corrupted easily enough.

"Good morning, darling." The word poured from Edith's lips like a poisonous trap, and she all but expected the girl to talk to her like they were old friends with the way her 'charms' usually worked. But something was different about this one. - Did she have the ability to manipulate people with her voice, too? If she was affected by her 'charm', she didn't show it, or it was so little power to such a being that Edith couldn't tell. It almost frustrated her. "You're new here, hmm? Not going to join the others in the weekly brawl?"


Anyone with a sense of sanity would see the poison that I possess. It's sickening.
Anyone with half a sense of the insanity that I must possess, can imagine why I think the world is better off with me dead.
Anyone with no mind left at all can only imagine how messed up I must be if I'm not using this to my advantage...
That's probably my sister.

Aiden Carroll

Aiden had been up since well before the wake up checks were initiated to crowd the 'patients' to the cafeteria for food. It's not as if one was required to go, and some didn't, but if you wanted to eat, you had to stick to the institution's schedule or you'd miss out. Aiden felt damned if he did, damned if he didn't. Laying on his bed, on top of the sheets and such that he'd already made up an hour ago, he silently contemplated to himself the many things that buzzed through his head:
  • Why am I here?
  • Will this really protect anyone? What about the people in here with me?
  • Can they really handle themselves?
  • What are these 'meds' for? What are they doing to me?
  • What was the point of keeping my sister in her own room when she doesn't sleep? Eat? Touch anything?
  • Did they put some kind of magical barrier in her room to keep her locked up in there at the appropriate times, because she sure doesn't come invading my privacy too often.
  • I hope she's not hurting anyone here. I'd feel responsible.
  • I wonder if any of the pretty girls in this place are worth the trouble with all the shit they've got going on---

"Mr. Carroll?" Victoria, the nurse Aiden favored the most for her hospitality spoke, interrupting his thoughts. It was a pleasant surprise rather than a nuisance. "Just doin' checks, dear. Will you be attending breakfast this time? I think I saw your sister already head that way."

I don't know what for. She hasn't eaten anything since.. He let out a sigh, leaving his thought's sentence cut off before Victoria entered the room, white angelic outfit and all with a hopeful smile plastered on her face.

"Why don't you leave that worrying you do for the staff? With the discovery of each new existence comes a new idea for things to accommodate them. Maybe they'll find a way to make ghost food, dear?" She laughed, and it was contagious because it caused a smile to creep out from the corners of his mouth.

"There, that's the smile I look for each morning. You know, you have every right to live in this world. Just like the others do. You just.. Well, you're safer here, dear." She patted his shoulder, nodding reassuringly as he looked up to her in silence. He was always silent, but she still made a way to carry a conversation between the two of them. It often led him to believe that she wasn't just a nurse - but maybe one of those psychics or someone who can read minds. -- Scary thought, though! Aiden's thoughts weren't always pure.

"Come on. Let it be a different day. Why don't you come to breakfast just this once? Maybe something will change your mind about everything? Help you? Make new friends."

It's hard to make friends when you're on a vow of silence.. he thought to himself, but she was so good at encouraging him when he was against ideas that he shrugged, leaning forward and lifting himself from the bed. She moved to let him up, assisting him before he steadied himself. She got a good look at him from toe to head and winked, "Always looking so sharp, Mr. Carroll."

She was correct, as usual. Taking a side-glance at the mirror, Aiden allowed himself the small hint of self-esteem. He was a very good looking man, especially in his long, wrinkle-free black slacks hanging from his hips and the open white, rolled sleeved shirt he wore that hugged his shoulders and let the rest fall off his toned arms. He began to button up the shirt before nodding in confirmation of his attendance to the cafeteria to Victoria, who seemed to understand well enough and beamed at him, closing the door behind herself. "Enjoy, Mr. Carroll."

Leaving the top two buttons undone, he tucked his shirt in to slacks and slipped on a pair of black, sleek house shoes that were open in the heel for easy slipping, but with the length of his pants, gave off the illusion that he was properly dressed for business. Nodding in approval of himself to the mirror, he exited the room and shut the door gently before continuing down the hallway and through the doors. Another brawl... Better have kept away from the food. It didn't take long before he spotted his sister, Edith, who appeared to be hovering around a girl he's never seen before. He only saw the back of her, trailing the sight of her long hair to her waist before shaking his head out of the thoughts proceeding. He took a deep breath, attempting to avoid and step over the others who were otherwise occupied and made his way over to the civil pair.

"Aiden, meet the new girl. I don't know her name yet." Edith grinned her eternally pearly whites at him before flashing the smile at the new girl. She drifted to the side, allowing Aiden the proper amount of room to join them and get a good look at the girl. His breath caught at the sight, arching a brow as he looked her over from the front this time. There were no visible signs -- well, not to him, -- of what 'species' this one was, but then again, even he and his sister looked normal to the regular eye. He simply nodded to his sister, keeping his eyes on the new girl before attempting to take her hand and bow before her, bringing his forehead to the backside of her hand before rising once more and moving to leave the girls. -- Food was on the mind, and not even the pretty new patient was going to ruin his ambition of putting something in to his stomach. It was the whole reason he braved leaving his room and jeopardizing everything, wasn't it?

"Don't mind him, new girl." Edith winked at her. Though she wasn't -trying- to use her voice for charm, if any weak-minded individuals were around and overheard her, they might have their attention attracted in her direction. Being a siren had it's blessings, but also it's curses. "He... doesn't talk very much. Or at all."