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located in Medieval Fantasy, a part of The Crossroads of Power, one of the many universes on RPG.

Medieval Fantasy



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It was becoming fairly apparent this man didn't believe a word of what he was saying. Sure, it was strange and promising riches to someone just like that would raise alarms, but still. Karad was hoping that distinct feature - the grabbing for gold - would kick in sooner. Yet if the man didn't think something like that was possible... Then it occurred to him; why was he trying so hard to get this person to believe him, to aid him? There were thousands and thousands of them around and many would probably wish the king dead. But no, that was not someone he wanted; such people would be too eager to proceed, too quick to draw conclusions and, in the end, possibly destroy the entire plan with their carelessness. No, it was someone like Sergius he wanted; someone who would be hard-pressed to believe him yet still want the riches promised. He only had to make him believe it was all possible...

Pausing for a moment, the merchant offered him a place on the cart and the transport to the next village. This was not exactly what he was hoping for, but perhaps it was a start. As soon as the 'plan' was mentioned, however, Karad grinned ever so slightly. Yes, there it was; greed. This would work out just fine.

Hopping onto the cart, the boy sat down next to the man held on as the ride was quite bumpy. They were still alone and now was time to explain his promises in more detail. "I have already told you. If you aid me, you shall have gained a powerful ally. And I can make what you want come true." Glancing at the man, he continued: "Is it riches of gold you desire? I am sure the nobles have large coffers of them somewhere. Is it someone in particular you want? I shall bring them to you. Is it power? Well, power can be... arranged. All you have to do in return is show me where this king I seek is and get me somewhere I can see him. I do not necessarily wish to speak to him, you see. But a gaze will suffice, as long as he is nearby."

The road kept going through the forest until it brought them to its edge, a large prairie spanned before them, thick green grass covering most of it. There, in the distance was a small village, plumes of smoke rising from the chimneys of its houses. It was certainly no capital and had no castle of its own, so it was not the destination Karad was seeking. Still, he thought it but a momentary obstacle in the road; the merchant probably wanted to sell his goods...

Before they arrived closer, though, shouting could be heard from the town. Terrorised screams of women and children as well as men fighting. A group of ragtag people were running across the prairie towards the village from the right, holding swords and axes in their hands. The boy knew little of what was going on and cared even less, remaining calm on the cart, but, unbeknownst to him, the village had become the target of a group of thugs and bandits who wanted to fill their coin purses with the blood and toil of others. Not only that but there was a real danger of fire as bandits sometimes used flaming arrows, causing even more devastation than a mere raid. It was unclear whether the village had a large post of guards available to fight these criminals or if the inhabitants were on their own, but one thing was clear - it was a lot of bandits for such a small settlement.