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located in Ascavia, a part of Seizing the Crown, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Aladdin Nagi
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Aladdin looked down at the golden lamp, carefully tied to the tan sash around his waist. He had been careful to keep it hidden from others' sight, but seeing as he was in the middle of the desert with no towns anywhere nearby, it seemed safe. The genie still owed him all of his three wishes. As much as he wanted to, his logical reasoning told him that wishing to be in the kingdom of Ascavia already. His father had always told him that sometimes one had to work for himself to achieve great things. Then again, Jafar had always used the staff that was now hidden among what little cargo he had on the back of his horse. He'd been right to question his father and finally rid the world of him.

It was just too bad that the Sultan's guards had seen him in the act and somehow uncovered just who he was. Street rat? Perhaps, but it was his choice to live the low life. His father was just too overbearing, so obsessed with taking what he believed was his rightful place.

The young man sighed, looking at the monotonous sand. As much as he loved his homeland, it could no longer be home. He had been banished, all of his power and wealth taken away. The Sultan could have his way, but Aladdin still had hope. Ready or not Ascavia, the multipersonality and wealth lusting ex-prince was coming.


"I wish I knew more songs," the young man mumbled to himself. "No, that was not an actual wish." He looked down at the lamp, which had started to glow but then quickly faded back to its normal color.

You could always talk to me, Ailesh chimed in. I'm very entertaining if I do say so myself. Of course, you're great too... I guess... Not really.

"Oh shut up Ailesh. If you want to sing though, please do. I'm bored- ooh look at that!" Aladdin was sure that he had finally reached Ascavia. Maybe it was the dark forest that gave it away, or the sight of the castle in the distance. Or his mind (and Ailesh) were just so desperate to see humans again. People were not always the best company, but they did have shiny objects and food. Man, did he love food! Beetles, eggs, a chicken head or two...

A loud growl brought him out of his day dreaming. "Rajah! We will be there soon and then you can have some food," Aladdin snapped at the large tiger walking beside his horse. The black and orange creature snarled at him, but then returned his gaze to the dark path ahead of them.

Within no time, they were on the outskirts of the town. The ex-prince looked at the farms surrounding the road he was on. If it hadn't been for the spiked heads posted on the edge of each farm, two of which Rajah attempted to eat, he would have turned right around. But this seemed like a lovely kingdom. If only there was more sand.

Look on the bright side, less sand, more blood! If the castle is filled with mirrors, I might just be in paradise.

Once Aladdin, Rajah, the Genie, and Ailesh arrived at that castle, all were impressed. The four story castle was nicely guarded by the four towers at each corner. "I am here as a prince sent from the kingdom of... Flori," Aladdin told the guard, using a word he had heard a foreign traveler once use. Don't say anything, he warned Ailesh in his head. The guards looked at each other. After a few moments, albeit reluctantly, they let him pass through the gates and into the heart of their kingdom.

Look at all of the swords and people! I should just kill them all once we secure the throne. Ailesh was not the type of man to think of future consequences. He was more of an in the moment thinker.

Aladdin dismounted as a maid came over to him. He removed the bag with the staff in it and slung it over his shoulder. He bowed to the maid, trying to be polite. It was funny- she seemed nice enough and was certainly pretty, yet she lived here, in a kingdom where decapitated heads was the norm. "I will be showing you to your room," she said softly. That being said, she started off into the castle itself, her head down and her steps quick. He followed her with confidence, glancing at a trio of what were surely other candidates speaking with each other, before realizing that she was waiting for him. "Rajah, come," he said simply to the tiger who was about to wander off. He followed the maid into the foyer, and then up numerous flights of stairs, which could have easily been eliminated for him, before arriving at the large doors guarding the third floor.

"All of the princesses and princes will be residing on this floor. The princes on the right and princesses on the left." She nodded to the two door openers, one of whom seemed to be asleep while standing up. The small lady cleared her throat rather loudly. "I'm sorry for this."

You had better be you little-

"Ailesh... No matter, as long as I get to see my room." If that were me, those doors would be open in a millisecond. The sleeping man awoke then and quickly opened his door. The other man sighed and opened the other half. Both bowed to Aladdin and the maid as they passed through the doorway, into a large hallway with doors on either side. It seemed never ending, which both worried and intrigued him and Ailesh.

They did not go far, as his room was the second one on the right. Well, at least he wouldn't become lost so easily. He thanked the maid, then turned to enter the room. She cleared her throat in the same soft manner that she had spoken with before. "If I may, have you a bodyguard?"

He turned back and nodded to her. "Yes, but he doesn't need a room and neither does Rajah." Aladdin turned away again and opened the door, entering and allowing Rajah to slowly slink into the room before closing the door.