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Snippet #1976700

located in Xibalba, a part of From Light to Shadow, one of the many universes on RPG.


'Place of Fear' -- a section of the city which lays within Auallonia, it is not the most savory of places.


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Character Portrait: Marisenne Nicht Character Portrait: Reigauhr Von Grenandine
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"Okay-" Marisenne agreed cheerfully, and was just about to turn and walk away when she noticed the people standing in the entrance to the alleyway. She stopped, turned, and, her eyes widening in surprise, she pointed to them worriedly. "Mister Paper, they found us, they found us! Trying to tag us, tag us!" She exclaimed. It seemed that although she viewed this as a game, an inkling of just how dangerous their situation was had been revealed to her. She didn't have time to continue her warning, however, for she was once again cut off by her new friend tackling her, the sound of gunfire and bullets whizzing through the air bringing back old, painful memories of her escape with Ange, of the night she had finally broken free and gotten her revenge. The pain she had felt had been horrible, and just thinking of that terrifying place brought a chill up her spine. She began to panic. Were these bullies here to try to take her back? Or maybe they wanted to drag Mister Paper off to that frightening place? No, no, no, never go back, never go back, never let them take another there again! A flare of light entered her crimson eyes, and she stood, her skin pale but her expression resolute, a slight, out-of-place smirk forming on her lips. Suddenly, she spoke with a voice much more composed, and much colder than before.

"Boy," She said simply, glancing down at Rei, her bearing the regal air of a monarch commanding a lowly peasant to stand aside. "Don't look into my eyes. I don't like it when my companion's toys break so quickly."

And with that warning, she turned, and stepped forward. Running a hand across the paper shield, she spread a stream of blood across its surface. As she removed her palm, she grimaced, and the flesh of her hand, suddenly torn and ripped in several places, began to knit itself back together before Rei's eyes. In that instant, thousands of multicolored crystals began to take form across the paper's surface, scattering the second volley of bullets like chaff before a hurricane. The shield tore apart, and the young child stepped through the breach, a downright sadistic smirk on her face as she walked forward, her eyes and wings gleaming maliciously.

"Where'd she go?!" One of the men exclaimed, looking around frantically. The others followed suit, searching for her everywhere, unable to see that she stood right before their very eyes. Ange's madness had taken hold, and was spreading throughout their weak minds like a raging flood. Several began to cry out in surprise - some even screamed in terror - as a multitude of bizarre eldritch visions appeared before them.

"Foolish mortal, you will not understand, nor could you understand. To think that you deceived yourselves into such arrogance as to try to break one of my toys - for shame! - but when you are alone in the dark you are nothing but simpering cowards. Where is your pride now? Dead and gone, as you soon will be too!" Ange laughed mockingly, spreading her wings wide as the crystalline wall behind her shattered outward, a storm of tiny darts tearing forward like a raging wave, consuming all in their path save for their master, who stood unharmed at their center as they scattered around her. In an instant, each of the men had been struck by uncountable numbers of the projectiles, and, with a psychotic smirk of glee, the black angel snapped her fingers.

"Burn in the pit of torment, you blind little HUUUUUMAAAAANNNNSSSS~!" She jeered, watching as, in a flash of multicolored light, a tremendous release of energy literally tore the men apart where they stood, her power ripping them to pieces before they even had time to scream. When the light cleared, the only things left were the bits of flesh and bone and the droplets of blood that fell like rain. Casually, the young child picked up a torn canopy of paper, and held it up over her head, using it as a makeshift umbrella to protect her from the deluge of gore. Closing her eyes, she spread her arms out and laughed, crowing madly with her triumph as the bloody rain fell all around her, soaking the ground in a sanguine, sticky mire. As the remains finally stopped falling, Ange dropped her paper shield, and slumped her head, the last strains of her laughter dying out around her. Her wings once more folded upon her back, and slowly, her head rose.

"Oh, dear," Marisenne murmured, looking around her. "Ange tagged them back, Ange tagged them back. Hope Marisenne's boots don't stain, ru~."