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Snippet #1976909

located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Duchess Sophie Vespre Character Portrait: Jabberwocky Discordia Character Portrait: Rhylea Tonneh
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Dust and sound.

Tibbs let itself lunge forward, the knee passing over the Duchess' form...but the bent knee held a special trick.

Duchess bent backwards, her dodge perfect for the attack she knew of, but leaving her vulnerable to the one she never saw coming. The bent leg snaps down, a combination step/stomp, driving the heel down towards the hyper-extended abdomen. The slight impact, her kick snapping up and striking it's lower back, would simply serve to aid the beast's move- the push would aid Tibbs as it would push him slightly from the impact, the stepping/stomping foot pushed that much harder. The end result would drop Tibbs down onto Duchess' mass- the stepping foot impacting and carrying the weight of Tibbs mass down onto the Duchess driving her painfully to the ground and pining her under the monster's foot.

Should she find a way to escape, as unlikely as it may be, she would still have a massive taloned foot driving down towards her abdomen and torso, the claws potentially ripping her clothes and flesh, depending on her evasive route. Her actions would decide her own fate, but there was only a split second to choose- Infection by the talon's slash, or crushing impact possibly breaking bones or driving her air out from her lungs.

Her question unasked, her actions interrupted, Duchess needed to recover- if she manages to evade the strike, before she could ask her questions or tell the Twins to flee. The fear still fed the beast, making it faster and's actions coming in a blur of pure speed. The timing of the chain of events would flow like lightning- The knee sailing over the dodging Duchess, turning into an extending step/stomp that would drive the weight of the beast down and onto the bent form, as the Duchess' own kick would bump into it's back. In the blink of an eye Tibbs had carried it's offensive through, it's mind working through possible actions faster than one could blink.


Burnt leaves, scorched trees...melted sand. The clearing was a holocaust. Blast craters, scattered shards of blackness...and a twisted thing in it's center. The Jabberwocky stood, a black shriveled thing, arms extended head tilted back in a grimace of pain and fear. The monster was frozen in a pose of agony, to the eyes of the Bandersnatch Clan the beast was done. One, a younger member stalked to the edge of the clearing, raising it's rifle.

"Looks to be dead, wuzn da tough." He calls out, taking aim.

"C'askn, you git 'way now, hear?!" another calls out, moving towards the youth. One step too late, as a shot sounds, shattering most of the Jabberwocky's form into ash- ash that mixes with the melted sand, leaving behind a smaller form, that shaped like a small girl. She stood, arms wrapped about herself sobbing softly.

"Woah! Hold yer fire! Idgit, you done it now...da hell is goin on? Who is she?" the elder calls out, motioning a few of the others to join him, moving into the clearing. "Easy youngin, none of us is gonna hurt ya."

Gina stood, her dress filthy and torn, her body bloody and covered in ash, but otherwise unharmed. Her sobs continue, eyes closed with her small fists clenched at her sides. She said nothing, just cried softly. The clan moved closer, stepping around some of the still hot pools of melted sand- most of it already cooling from the addition of the smothering ash. A few members remained waiting at the edge, among them the clan's leader- Rhylea, though not the eldest of the tribe he had shown suspiring mastery in combat. His instincts were respected, and his word taken seriously...right now he had a bad feeling.

"Something is wrong. Something don't add up, this..girl. Where did she come from?" his head was running at it's best, but it wasn't quite quick enough to avoid the shit storm on the way. "Hey, maybe we sh-"

The rest is lost in the sound of breaking glass- and moments later, screams.

The sand had melted, forming large pools of molten glass- the heat from the blasts and resulting fire easily reaching the sand's melting point, while the rain of ash served to smother out the glass' heat. The ash mixing with the liquid as it cooled. The resulting black glass sat in sheets and spatters, until the clan moved into position. SHattering upward, the shards ripping through flesh muscle and bone with ease...but rather than falling back down afterwards it gathers, swirling like a cloud of death. The surviving clan members could only watch in horror as the cloud slashes through the air towards them.

"RUN YOU FOOLS! To the trees!" Rhylea calls, shoving a few members towards the forest. Those who entered the clearing were out of reach, and out of time..the cloud descending upon them like an upside-down blender. Blood and flesh scatter as five members are turned into pulp. Rhy manages to save seven of his brothers, though two more will likely perish before the day is out. They scatter, blending in with the trees as they can, the sound of laughter sounding behind them in booms.

Gina stands, untouched by the deadly swarm, her sobs ended, a smile on her face. "I did like you said, how did I do?"

Jabberwocky, in it's new form chuckles softly, a few shards caressing along the girl's cheek, "You did Pͪ̋͜Ȩ͂͑͋̐ͮ̐R̆ͪFÈC̆̉ͭ̈́ͦ́͝T̾̅͐ͦ̐̕." it whispers in her head. SHe grins wider, the skin of her lips splitting once more to create a mad smile of black gums and sharp teeth. Eyes of pure blackness. She was one with the beast now. "Now, let's go P̍̊͛ͦ̎͛͌͌̿͛ͬ̔͟͞҉̝͎͖̘̤̫L̷̢̞̲̩̰̹ͦͨ̏̽̏ͯ͂͆͛̾̎̈̓̕͟Ą̸͎̦̩̲͉̜̦͉̞͕̥̟͓͔̜̝̜̋ͯͯ̍͗ͥ̾͋͘͘͡Y̨̫̮̘̱̘̞͍ͧͨͦ̏ͬ̓̄ͥ̄́͂̚̕ͅ." Together they exit the clearing, following the trail left by the fleeing Bandersnatch Clan..towards the rest of the Wonderlanders. Things were going to be messy.