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located in Nifl, a part of New Exodia: A City Divided, one of the many universes on RPG.


A city of culture and class; known for its ruthless corporate espionage and wealth.


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Character Portrait: Dante
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Dark chocolate eyes scanned the monitors carefully. Had the building's defense been turned on, steel doors as thick as a man's shoulders would have shut off the first three floors, turning the entire building into a cage of steel. Then security doors would have begun to drop into place, one by one by sectors -- locking places down that seemed to be lynch pin crucial and so on, like trapping rats with pieces of cardboard. Gas might have crept into the rooms. Laser guided turrets and so forth. The building was spectacularly defended, but for some reason -- all had bee disarmed. And no, we're not just talking about the smoldering security guards. Fire prompted the sprinkler system to kick on with her exit and showered the men who were in flames into submission.

I stared with a bit of humor, wondering what it was that she'd stolen and with the tap of a few keys, I focused in on the technology within the drive that she'd stolen and choked on a bit of a laugh. It stifled from my lips for a moment before I shook my head and pressed a hand to my face, "Fuck... that's going to be a headache." The information on the drive wasn't technically mine, though it was stored in my files, on my servers, in my building -- however those file that were so specific were for a Xeno-suit with incredible capabilities. The cost on the market, with out plans was an incredible paycheck -- even I knew this.

So why were the defenses off?

I smirked. I saw competition. Whoever this girl was, she was quick with her hands and in this world -- this life, people who stepped out with their powers were noticed in a few places more-so than others. Specifically, doing more criminal acts because with powers like hers, fire is dangerous shit. Especially when it can consume the oxygen around her in seconds into a raging wildfire; these same wildfires take the outskirts weeks to put out, and here she wielded it as if it was merely another extension of herself. Tapping a few keys, I replayed her exit fight with the young man. He was quick. Dealt some damage. She looked overwhelmed. Stepped back. And Yoga Flamed the shit out of this guy. Sue me, I liked some Street Fighter.

Fighter. "Shit! The fights! I forgot I'm up tonight..." Mumbling to myself, I narrowed my eyes and tapped the keys again, replaying slowly while leaning into the large screen before me. She was getting her ass beat, but then ... pulled out ... "What is that ...?" I squinted and shook my head slowly. It was some sort of silver box, but ... "Ah! A lighter!?" It could have been, and as the wheels churned within me I walked into my closet touching a key on the wall and the alarms for the building went off and a voice answered, "Yes, sir?"

"Clean up the mess. Don't worry about the girl. Make sure those soldiers are briefed and reviewed. I want to know what they know and how she got passed the preliminary defenses. Someone would have had to have said something..."

"Roger that, sir."

I changed and left. The building would be taken care of for the remainder of the night by security. I simply ... vanished.