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Snippet #1991967

located in Ravenwood, a part of Contained, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Jet rolled his eyes a bit hearing Trent’s sarcastic remark though he didn’t say anything in return as he watched Rowan sit on the other side of him. "I know i haven't slept lately. I've never told anyone about my past, so it just keeps repeating in my mind like a movie on an endless loop. I dont want anyone's pity, though." She admitted. He gave her a soft smile “Listen, you can always talk to me alright, were a team we have to help each other out.” He said gently “I’ll always be here for you alright” he said as he looked to her eyes holding her gaze for a moment “You really should get some rest” he said offering his other leg for her to lay her head on.

Jet frowned deeply as he heard the commotion letting the others go, staying behind with Jane and Yina in case something happened. He took a deep breath hearing Trent’s voice and then two new girls. He handed Jane his baseball bat “Stay here, I’m going to go make sure everything is alright” he said sternly in a brotherly voice to the two girls. He took off in a slow jog following the voices, the store being pretty big. He shook his head a bit seeing weapons out and the two new girls, everyone seeming to be on edge. He looked over the two girls, they were obviously not infected just trying to survive, he thought to himself. “Alright, I think everyone should put their weapons away” he sighed giving his group members a stern look. He glanced to the new girls giving them a small welcoming smile “Sorry if you were hurt, we are just trying to keep ourselves safe and you never know” he said calmly. “I’m Jet” he introduced himself “If you two agree to not kill us in your sleep your welcome to join our little survival group” he teased a bit. “You two girls look like you could use some rest and some food” he offered.