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located in Wonderland, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere in Wonderland outside the places already specified in the rp.


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Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars
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Absolem knew that he had made a touchy decision in leaving Gray behind, but he didn't know how long he could keep something like that chariot hidden for very long. His gaze was stone cold, but when wasn't it? Unless something he loved was in obvious peril.. He didn't blame Cheshire for taking matters into her own hands, but at this point, his thoughts were moving thousands of miles per second. It had been a long time since the world of Wonderland had to prepare for an enemy of this magnitude. Absolem kept close behind after Cheshire despite his thoughts keeping his mind rather occupied, not to mention he now had his mind and abilities prepared to take on the burden of keeping his home invisible. He already felt the twinge of the first wave, but at most the first wave of flowers was only a good fifty percent of the work load. When the other two sets of flowers were breached, when that finally happened, he knew he was in for a world of pain. He'd never taken such a task upon himself, he wasn't sure exactly what it would do to him.

He watched as Cheshire began her army, eyebrows raising a bit. Now he'd learnt something interesting about his friend that he'd never known before. He decided not to comment, but rather to focus on what he soon would have to endure more of. He would know exactly when the second wave of the flowers were destroyed thankfully, but the method would be painful. All the energy needed to conceal the house they once took the obligation of managing would be drawing from his mental capacity almost instantly.

Absolem couldn't help but mourn his house a little, even if it wasn't obvious. He'd taken so much time, so much of getting familiar with his powers while building that house. All by himself. He made everything inside it. Befriended all the plants. Even one as stubborn as Absolem couldn't help but feel a twinge of sadness as something that personal was practically already gone. Though it was stuck alone to his thoughts, and he wasn't letting it do anything otherwise.

His pursuit stopped for a moment, not even noticing that Cheshire had stopped moving as well, he watched the battles. He felt a wave of familiarity cross up his spine in the form of a shiver. He did his best to conceal it.. but he yearned to be out there. He yearned to release his anger, to rip things apart. Piece by fleshym or the lack there of, piece. When it came to a battle, Absolem held very little remorse for his enemy. Anyone marked as an enemy was just a casualty.

Absolem blinked when the second wave of flowers died, collapsing slowly where he stood. Keeping such a large mobile object invisable.. easier said than done. He'd only lost the first two waves of flowers, the stronger ones, and the moderate level. He wasn't even taking full obligation of quenching the energy thirst, but the pain was like snorting razorblades. His brain felt like it had been stuck into a blender. He didn't scream, he didn't make a single sound. He was far too accustomed to pain. He just sat there, holding his head, gripping extremely tight at his minty locks. He was incapable of going anywhere. He couldn't move himself, He couldn't even warn Destra or Sinistra that no one but Gray was where his house once stood.. but he assumed Gray could fill them in and he hoped, just hoped Gray would be safe with those two.. Two.. Ugh, I'll think about what those two are later..


Rhia calmed when Cheshire seemed to take her opinion at least into consideration, giving a small sigh. She wasn't used to herself yet, let alone the attitude of those around her. She was glad no one had a problem with her outbursts as of yet, she wasn't sure who she was herself, someone asking her to change would only make it that much harder in finding something like that out. She was incredibly grateful to Cheshire, put up with all of her changes, but also seemed to enjoy a lot of it. They both changed like mood rings, or day and night.

Rhia went wide eyed when Absolem decided to leave Gray alone, and she turned around to look back at him, careful to not let go of Cheshire. Was he going to be alright? Was this the best decision? She assumed Absolem knew what he was doing.. but being away from Cheshire already frightened her.. she couldn't understand how brave Gray was.. how could he feel safe this way? In a world he was so unaccustomed to? Or was he more accustomed it already than her? Is it just me that's freaking out in this world, afraid to be left alone? Am I the only weak one? She tried to ignore it. Then she was completely distracted from her thoughts, taken aback as she watched what her contractor could do. She leaned into Cheshire, closing her eyes. She heard all of Absolem's torn thoughts, his manic want to be fighting, and even his sadistic wish to tear people, creatures..something apart until it was unrecognizable. Is this what war did to Absolem or what Absolem did to war? She couldn't tell if this was a result of what the first fight with Jabberwocky did to the man, or if this was his natural self. It scared her, but she refused to relay the information over to Cheshire. They seemed to be close friends. She wasn't going to plant doubt in Cheshire's mind over a creepily sadistic nature the closest thing to a friend to her seemed to possess.

She returned her thoughts to the amazing things Cheshire was doing with the plants, the mushrooms, everything. She was awed, yet at the same time she felt a bit tired. Was this because of the contract? She remembered Gray reacting an entirely different way, but perhaps that was because his required a lot of mental strain.. maybe everyone was effected differently based on their contractors?

She decided to break the silence, but not by asking her stupid question. She wanted to know what a bandersnatch was, but she didn't feel like asking, that would just be too embarrassing to be worth the trouble, "That's so cool, are all of those going to help fight?" she asked tilting her head against Cheshire's back. She watched the battling as well, cringing a bit. She'd never seen so much fighting, heard so much screaming. It was frigtening, but at the same time.. it made her curious. She wondered how long she would last in an atmosphere like that. How long she would last.. if she had to fight for her own life in such a manner. It worried and excited her at the same time.

She watched as Absolem dropped, her golden eyes going wide and she got up from Cheshire for the moment, seeing as she was merely just twirling and swirling around in place anyhow, "Absolem!" she called out. She didn't really know him, but he took care of her simularly to how Cheshire did, so she helped him sit steadily, "He's doing it again.. he's overexerting himself. How long do you think until the Mushroom house reaches Jabberwocky?" She asked Cheshire questioningly. She didn't want to express how dangerous it was, she wasn't even sure how dangerous it was for Cheshire to be using her powers.. but she had to consider Gray. This was going to effect him sooner or later as well.. and his mind wasn't as accustomed to this as Absolem.. for all she knew it could kill him.