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located in Ravenwood, a part of Contained, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Tayte Breed Character Portrait: Viola Underwood
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Viola sped down the road on her 2008 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe motorcycle, the cold night wind in her dark red hair as she wived in and out of cars. She loved this motorcycle mostly because it was a royal blue which was not only her favorite color but, the color of her eyes. but, since the out brake of the L7X9 Virus she loved it because unlike most motorcycles it wasn't loud which meant it wouldn't give away he position as easily unless there was an infected really close by.

Viola looked up at the sky to see that she had lost track of time. "Shit. looks like I need to find a place to hide the bike and bunk up for the night." she mumbled under her breath. Most nights Viola would hide her bike and half her supply's as good as she can in a different location then go about a mile off and find a place to stay for the night. It was her way of always planing ahead so that if she ever ran into any untrustworthy survivors that decided to jack her stuff and run she always had a plan B. 'Never trust anyone' that was one of the many saying they had at the orphanage, especially when your money went missing because the big kids decided to go looting so they have some spending cash. and thats why Vi had always taken about 15 dollars and put it where the big kids would find it the hid the rest for herself when she was younger. It was smart and it always worked.

She stopped at an intersection and turned off her motorcycle listening to see if there were any infected around that felt like playing. she closed her eyes and concentrated it was quiet but, then she heard a voice "Oh, I'll play. I'm such a good sport. Come over here and I'll show you what a good player I am!" Vi sat there and listened to make sure it wasn't a trap. Thwap The echo of a...what was that a bat?? bouncing off the concrete road and smashing what ever it hit came back to her. Then silence. Viola waited one more second before she started her bike then heard the same person shouting "Locked. Always friggin' locked! Doesn't anyone trust anyone anymo-" followed by running."Shit. Shit. Shit."

Viola kicked her motorcycle on and raced it towards the voice. Under normal circumstances she would not have been doing this but rather, driving in the other direction and getting the hell out of doge but, this person was obviously still alive and in a lot of trouble. And Viola was still human enough to know it was the right thing what she was about to do.

Viola turned the corner and found four!! Count it four of those nasty contagious humans surrounding their fallen comrade and starting to turn toward the house of which he lay in front of. Vi took her right hand off of her bike handle and reached behind her back grabbing the handle of her machete. She heard the clean swosh of the blade as it came out of its holder. Readying herself she speed up and with one swift clean motion she slid her machete through the first two infected people it came in contact with taking their heads clean off. Didn't even know what hit them. she thought as she laughed at her own dark and twisted humor and turned her bike around stopping. The two people that were left turned to look at their attacker pulling back their lips and growling at her in anger and charging at her. Quick to react Vi swung her Winchester 101 , 12 Gauge, 3 Barrel Trap Set gun around from her back and shot the closest one running toward her in the head, brain matter and blood flying out of the exit wound. Then she turned her gun and shot the last 'Ugly' in the face.

Vi kicked up the stand for her bike and left it running, then ran toward the house where the first dead infected body's comrades were heading. As she grabbed for the door she reached behind her and pulled out one of her 75 P-07 9mm guns for protection. As she turned the handle and pushed she found the door was blocked. "Ugh. It always has to be difficult doesn't it?" She shouted at no one in particular.

Stepping back she rammed her shoulder into the door braking it free what ever was blocking it and swinging it wide open. As Vi stepped over the threshold she saw a Blond girl that looked about her age on her hands and knees on the floor breathing deeply and approaching behind her was a a very buff man with rotting flesh and dried blood on his face, arms, and chest. With out even thinking about it Vi lifted her gun and put four bullets in his head. The turned to the girl. "Are you okay? Your not infected are you? Because if your not you need to come with me and fast because there will probably be more 'Ugly's' coming and I don't know about you but, I don't feel like being around here for round two."