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Snippet #1995206

located in Ravenwood, a part of Contained, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Suddenly a few things happened at once. First, Mercy decided it was a good time to bow out, giving the reins over to her sister as she wrapped her arms around her and buried her face in her back. Vi smiled ever so slightly. Mercy was strong when she had to be, but she was always more than happy to let someone else take over. Inside, she was really a big baby. She patted her sisters hands with her free hand before things started happening.

First, a boy with a machete stood and looked over at their little stand off. He seemed to be protective of the little six year-old and Violet guessed that he was her brother. She gave him a quick glance, hoping he didn't decide to attack her. Maybe he'd be sympathetic. Afterall, they were both looking out for little sisters. Thankfully, he didn't come over and Violet turned her eyes back to the man with the shotgun.

The next thing to happen was a girl. Maybe a little younger than herself, and seeming considerably weaker, came over and placed a hand on the man's arm. Vi thought she was going to force his arm down, but she didn't. Instead she just mumbled for him to put the gun down and she sighed, running her hand through her long blond hair. She wouldn't lower hers until he lowered his. She didn't care what the others said. He was the important one. He had the gun.

Finally, the boy that seemed to be the leader of the group came over. “Alright, I think everyone should put their weapons away.” He said and Vi returned his smile with a smirk and a shifting of her weight, so that she was leaning on one hip. She still held her gun up though. “Sorry if you were hurt, we are just trying to keep ourselves safe and you never know” His tone was calm. As if he was trying to keep her from shooting. “I’m Jet” At least she had a name now. It was a start. “If you two agree to not kill us in your sleep your welcome to join our little survival group” he teased a bit. “You two girls look like you could use some rest and some food”

At that, the boy with the shotgun on her turned on his heel and took off. It made Violet's eyebrows raise in slight shock. Okay... She hadn't been expecting that. She rolled her eyes and slipped her gun into her pocket, looking at the guy who'd introduced himself as Jet. "It's okay baby-girl." She whispered, grabbing Mercy's arms and un-lacing her from around her waist, pulling the eleven year-old out from behind her. Biting her lip, she considered his offer. "We're not going to kill you." Her fingers gripped Mery's shoulder tightly. "Unless you come after us, because trust me, if someone even twitches towards their weapon around my sister, I'll kick your ass."

Violet was short and seemingly not intimidating, but she squared her petite shoulders and held herself with such attitude it was hard to see her as anything other than the girl you don't want to mess with. "I'm Violet Fairbanks. Some people call me Skip. Vi. Violet." She shrugged. "It's whatever." Vi gestured to her sister. "This is my little sister Mercedes Fairbanks."

"Mercy. Call me Mercy." Her sister cut her off and Violet only shrugged in response to that.

"Yeah. No shit we could use rest and food." Violet said in response to Jet's statement. "We've been fighting through the same mess you guys have, only..." She glanced at the hardware store. "With less supplies." Violet shifted her bag on her shoulder and locked eyes with Jet. "Whatever Mercy says goes. What do you want hun?" She asked, squeezing her sister's shoulder without ever taking her eyes from Jet's, trying to size him up and see if he was trustworthy. She wasn't normally one to trust, but if Mercy thought it was a good idea, Violet wouldn't argue.

Mercy felt Violet's fingers digging into her shoulder like a weight hanging over her head. The tight squeeze of her sister's hand said one thing. Choose. And don't be wrong. It was an important decision Vi was slapping in her face, but Mercy was used to it. Violet had never trusted herself enough to make the important decisions for the older girl acted on solely impulse and it got them in trouble more often than not.

That meant, when it came to decision making, Mercy was the one to turn to. Vi was the power, but Mercy was the brains of the two. Even if Violet would never admit it and hid it well, she had to turn to her eleven year old sister often to make smart choices. If Violet made all the choices, Mercy had no doubt the two of them would either be dead or running nonstop with a horde of eighty infected after them.

"We'll stay with them. I like them Vi." She looked up at Jet and smiled slightly. She didn't trust easily, but there was something about a group of people who were willing to look after a six year-old that seemed trustworthy. She squeezed her sisters hand to give her a bit of reassurance, knowing Violet wouldn't like it at all. She hated other people. Never trusted them. But Mercy did trust these people and Violet would not make her give up the opportunity to travel in a group. It would be a lot less lonely and there'd be more people to turn to when nightmares got her. Then, there was the bonus of protection as well as having someone around to keep you sane. She smiled at Jet, giving him her most grateful smile. "Thank you."