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Snippet #1995616

located in Ravenwood, a part of Contained, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Tayte Breed Character Portrait: Viola Underwood
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A gunshot, loud, boomed in front of the door and Tayte froze, "What the?" she mumbled as her stomach began to calm down a little. Breathing heavily, she waited, her heart beating fast but not too loud. She listened as intently as she could, something was at the door. She stared at it, praying that her make-shift block would work. It budged a tiny bit but held as whatever or whoever on the other side of the door tried to push it open. "Ugh. It always has to be difficult doesn't it?" The shout boomed from the other side of the door and Tayte scowled, cocking her head in confusion. That wasn't something she'd ever heard or thought of hearing an infected shout. Then, suddenly, the door popped open. Okie dokie... chairs are no good as blocks, good to kn- her thoughts turned into a vocalization as the red-headed girl raised the gun and shot over Tayte's head. "Oh. My. GOD! Are you crazy?! Guns are loud!" She took in the girl's determined set of her jaw, the blood splattered on her clothes and the way she stood, half-ready to run, and knew she wasn't infected.

A loud thump behind her and Tayte jumped up, quenched the desire to puke again, and got into batting stance with her back to the girl. Trusting, true, but better to look in the eyes of the infected than in the eyes of a "crazy". Ready to take on anything, she stood for a moment, then looked down and chuckled at her own delayed reaction. "Sucks for you!" she told the blown to smithereens dead man laying on the ground. Then, it hit her. The girl had just saved her life. Her eyes widened, and she turned back to the blue-eyed red-head, an eyebrow raised in an incredulous manner, a smirk on her face with laughter in her eyes, questioning her.

The girl ignored Tayte's questioning look and simply started talking in hushed tones, "Are you okay? You're not infected are you? Because if you're not you need to come with me and fast because there will probably be more 'Ugly's' coming and I don't know about you but, I don't feel like being around here for round two." The girl was quick with her speech, cutting down to the bare facts. Tayte appreciated this and smiled fully.

"Yeah, I'm good." She began to strip, "And you're right, round two will be worse thanks to your trigger finger." She caught herself, "No offense! I mean, thank you for saving my life and stuff." Then she went to work, taking her shirt and bra off, no time for modesty, "This will only take a second, I promise. I may not be infected now, but I don't want to know what happens if this blood seeps into my pores, you know? Watch the door?"

She talked as she moved, "I'm Tayte, and I've decided to trust you." Grabbing another tank top from her bag she wiped the rest of the blood from her body, then threw it and the already blood soaked one down. "Aren't you a lucky lady!" She pulled on a third new tank top, sans bra, Damn... I hate going braless, her leather jacket over that. "Or am I the lucky one because you totally just saved my gastro-intestinally distressed life?" Hastily chucking a couple of un-imperative items from her back pack so that it would close easier this time, she zipped it and threw it over her shoulder, grabbing her bat. "Alrighty, let's go!" She followed the girl out the door. "So what's your name?"