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Demea Ravenwing
The Mentor’s Manor – Dining Hall

Demea had a horrible headache. She rubbed her temples as she listened to her fellow Sellswords discuss the disappearance of the Mentor.
How could he just leave us? she asked herself. He knew how fragile all of his pupils were. He knew they could shatter without his presence in their life.
Demea placed her face in her palms and rested her elbows on the table. Her heartbeat quickened in panic. She could feel it's pounding in her chest and she sighed.She gulped and tried to breath slower. Calm down. Now was not the time to lose control, but she could feel a familiar panic starting to creep over her.
She knew that it was Kaleah that would come through if Demea gave in. But she wouldn't let her. Demea had spent to much time taking back control of her body to just let her demons take over whenever they wanted.

The Breton looked up and examined her family. That's who they were to her now. Insane? Some more than others. Troubled? Certainly.
The Mentor couldn't have put together a more twisted gang, but that's what brought them so close. With the support of each other, all of them were mending their open wounds caused by the cruelty of the world. Demea's heart broke at the thought that this family would be missing a huge piece if they couldn't find the Mentor. But it didn't make sense to her.
Why would he leave? And who was this man in Markarth? So many questions needed to be answered.

"I'm assuming that we will be heading to Markarth. I mean, the Mentor wouldn't leave us something like for no reason." She stood up, feeling Kaleah's grip becoming stronger.
"I think I'll get some rest before we depart." And she walked away from the room. She walked to her bed and sat down on it. She took out her dagger and held it to her wrist.
Demea glared at the cold piece of metal as it gleamed against her pale skin. "I'm stronger than you." She said aloud, throwing the dagger onto her bed. The Mentor taught her to be strong and she would stay strong. For herself and her family. And her demons would not get in her way.