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located in Ravenwood, a part of Contained, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Tayte Breed Character Portrait: Viola Underwood
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Tayte watched as the girl gracefully jumped onto the intimidating blue motorcycle that sat idling outside. "I'm Viola, but you can call me Vi if you like." Tayte nodded, "Vi it is. You can call me Tay if you're a fan of the nick-name." Stepping forward, Tayte could feel her adrenaline begin to throb again. She'd never really been one for motorcycles, preferring the safety of a roof over her head when in a vehicle. It felt less "open" somehow, less... "vulnerable."

"I figure we have about 15-16 minutes until the Ugly's start a coming so hop on and we can go find a palce to hide this and sleep for the night." Tayte's eyes widened at the idea of getting on the bike. The passenger seat looked comfortable enough but she wasn't sure how she felt about not being in control, so she stood awkwardly, in a limbo between wanting to stay on solid ground, and wanting desperately to get out of a place that would be crawling with blood hungry humans in 14.2 minutes. Vi helped her make the decision, "Come on, she won't bite I promise and I'm a really safe drive." Tayte watched as the girl chuckled a little and smiled in return. It struck her how much she'd been craving another human being, someone not bent on killing her, and she suddenly had a very warm feeling grow from the pit of her stomach. She apparently had a similar attitude to Tayte's, about not letting an apocalypse get you down.

Taking a step forward, Tayte could see the gleam in Viola's eyes. Hmm, safe driver huh? So what is that smirk about? Shaking her head on a chuckle, Tayte took the hand Viola offered as she clumsily kicked a leg up and over the other side of the bike to land with a thunk. "Besides, it's the other psycho's you have to worry about." Tayte set her bat on her lap and made sure both straps of her backpack were on, "God, don't I know it! And to answer your question, about my being so chipper in light of recent events? I just figure, why make bad situation worse, y'know?" She yipped as Viola kicked the bike into gear and took off, the knuckles of her right hand going white around the bat she held, while her left hand flew forward and around Viola, "Sorry, I'm not really the speed demon type. It's a quiet bike though, great choice! What about you? Why did you help me?"