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located in Ravenwood, a part of Contained, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Dr. Jonathan Baikov
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Jonathan woke up with a jerk as the noise reached its peak. As the noise, which he had now identified as the sound of a motorbike, started to faded away, Jonathan found himself sitting at his desk, which now had a moist area where his head had been. HeΒ΄d been sweating.
He still had some vague memories of his nightmares: He was running in a large warehouse being chased by a horde of infected so numerous that they started to look more like a large mass of red flesh rushing towards him, they where screaming after him, screaming his name with such a force that he felt like he was going to fall forward. There was a door in front of him and when he reached it and opened it all he could see and hear was a blinding light and the roar of a motorbike.

Thats where his memory's ended, he shook of the though and focused on the now significantly weaker motorbike noise at the same time as he hurried for the windows, in the distance he could see the source of the noise, a bike carrying two girls. He had a hard time seeing any thing else that could help him identifying it or its passengers but at least now he knew there was a minimum of three people with access to a motorbike, the third being the biker he had seen passing his building several times.
After seeing him pass by during the past week Jonathan had realized two things: He had made camp somewhere along, or to the side of, the street to the west and he doesn't seem to have any priority's on what kind of supplies to collect, usually heading back with a random assortment of food, snacks, ammunition, electronics and other things bundled together on the back of his bike.

Jonathan walked to the mattress in the corner of the living room and crawled in under the blanket and as he started to fall asleep again he couldn't help but wonder what he would do if any of the other survivors he had seen would find him, and more importantly what they would do.