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located in Ravenwood, a part of Contained, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Tayte Breed Character Portrait: Viola Underwood
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"Thank you and It's fine, but you might want to hold on. Tight." Tayte did so, as Viola continued to up the miles per hour and Tayte's adrenaline levels. They took a turn a little wobbily, "And also it helps if you lean into the turns, just kind of let yourself go I know its scary but, its amazing when you get the hang of it and so exhilarating. That why I have her."

Tayte breathed in deeply through her nose and thought to herself, Alright girl, you can make it through all this crazy-craziness, letting go a little on this beast can't hurt... right? She relaxed a little and followed Viola's movements as they took another turn. This one went by much smoother and was almost... fun. Tayte could have laughed out loud if she wasn't concerned with making too much extra noise.

"And as for why I helped you I figured I was still human right? and if the roles had been reversed and I was in your situation I would have wanted someone to come save my ass too. You know?" Viola shrugged matter of factly and Tayte grinned, "Absolutely. I do have to be honest though, I don't know if I'm as brave as you, to run in, guns blazing..." She thought of the woman who had screamed in the apartments and shook her head. Best to keep that to herself. While making ally's and friends was one thing, desperate times sometimes called for desperate measures. Tayte hated that she felt that way, but sometimes you had to do what you had to do. Viola parked the vehicle and hopped off, Tayte following shakily. She looked at Vi a moment and knew that she wouldn't ever sacrifice the girl. Not only had Vi saved her life, but she had a good heart, a kind soul. Tayte decided right there and then that Vi was a better person than Tay would ever be.

Tayte stood very still as she watched Vi close her eyes and listen. "Okay, come on help me push this to the other side of the street to that shed over there. I need to hide it there. Oh!! And Tay, will you grab that pad lock and the chain out of the compartment please? Once it and half the supply's are locked up we can go into the hardware store about a half mile away from here. It should be safe and I use to work there so I know the layout." Vi turned and smiled at Tayte, and Tayte smiled warmly in response, "You got it, El Commando! ... Commanda? ... Commander?" She screwed up her face, "Whatever, let's do this." Doing as she was asked, she grabbed the belongings needed out of the back compartment, then snapped it quietly shut again. Grabbing one handle, she helped push the bike into a corner and cover it with a dirty sheet. "That's super effective! Looks like a junker now!" She beamed at Vi. "Alright-y! Where to, boss?" She thrust her bat over shoulder and turned to follow the only person Tayte knew or trusted anymore.