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Snippet #2002367

located in The World, a part of The Dollmaster's Key, one of the many universes on RPG.

The World

The World - A disconnected world of scattered cities and strange little towns.


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Character Portrait: Raine Alba Character Portrait: Jaina Cassandra
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“The more … unsavory members you have mentioned stick to their own districts - there is nothing to fear. If you’re going to come as well, you may as well walk there; it’ll take you perhaps two days if you have the willpower to continue. That is, unless you have something to offer me? ...Can you carry heavy loads? Wash clothing? Do you have a way to pay for your passage? I don’t usually take on extra weight, but I’ll make you an exception - coin will do if you can’t do anything else.”

Her face soured the moment that she heard the older doll's haughty and patronizing tone. It was a good thing she had opted to lower her head else she might unintentionally show them her true feelings. They had really taken her for a spineless and lowly jointless. After all the superior acting doll, while it was degrading even, had actually considered bringing her along the trip. If she was another doll in this scenario with the way the golden-eyed one insulted them, she might have flipped and took great offense.

The black-haired and golden eyed doll was very arrogant in all ways possible. More arrogant than Cassandra herself, she could definitely say. From the moment that they had entered this dilapidated ruin and discovered the owner of the shop gone, she had mouthed nothing contemptuousness and disdain: for all of them. Not used with such treatment, Cassandra was more than tempted to deck her or push her into the nearby fireplace, laughing as she watched her archaic body being eaten by the flames. 'It would be a delight to witness that!' She sneered in the back of her mind, duly checking if she still looked powerless in her stance with the way her thoughts about this situation runs.

Thinking deeply about this, the amethyst-haired girl felt relieved that they hadn't suspected anything (which meant that her acting was once again as flawless as it could ever be). Mentally shaking her head in amusement, it was understandably natural for the dolls to be one-sided, and for that she felt victorious with their current treatment of her. It would be easier for her to play this game after all.

Eyeing the black-haired doll for a moment as she slightly raised her head, she then weakly uttered. "Coins...?" She tilted her head to the sides as if desperately searching for something, and looked at her superior once again. "I do not know any form of labor...", she spoke in a wistful and disappointed tone. As if she was truly sorry that she couldn't do any of the tasks the older doll had suggested. She took a coin bag out of her purse and meekly lifted it for others to see. "T-this is all that I have. Will this be enough?"

She fully raised her head and stared at the other doll inquisitively, "I don't know if this is going to be enough but I truly hoped it would. I need to find the key-keeper and I will be honored if you'd let me come." She let out a forced small smile before continuing as she tightly gripped the bag in one hand, "I-I won't get in your way! You won't even feel I'm there... and this might sound that I'm begging so much but if going into Sagen will stand a better chance to meet the key-keeper then I'll do all I can to get there."

Cringing as she totally gave out her best with the acting (-how else can she explain being able to stomach delivering that disgusting speech?!), she inwardly contradicted every word that she uttered in front of them. She certainly sounded pathetic and she knew if this wouldn't work, nothing else with regards to appearing spineless and shy would. Not that she was downplaying her skills, but honestly, that was the worst acting experience she had to endure. And she had to do it to the ones she had always thought of the lowest, the jointed dolls--next to other humans that is.

Who knew that acting inferior in front of these old and cranky dolls would be this exasperating? ‘This better be worth it!’ She thought brattily, sneaking a calculating glance towards them. She wasn't used to being totally dependent to the other’s mercy. While her drama might have been perfect, there is still though very much miniscule, a chance that someone will notice her façade.

"I am fervently wishing that you'd allow me." She turned to give the brown bag filled with a generous amount of coins to her with the same small hopeful smile playing in her lips and waited until the older doll reached for it. If she'd take it, Cassandra would take it as a sign of her affirmation. The bag didn’t have just a handful of money after all. It was pretty plentiful and she knew it would be approximately suitable enough for a six-person’s trip to Sagen or more. She didn't know if the doll would fall into her bluff, but she most confidently dare to assume that the jointed doll would.

'Move faster you slowpoke', she longed to say while observing the slower reflexes the black-haired doll had, obviously aware that their precious time is ticking faster than she would have liked. Being stuck in a place such as this with no human to turn her key, would certainly be disastrous especially at the nearing hours for her winding. They had already wasted minutes -or was it an hour?- than needed and it is apparently time for them to move on.

“Oh! You can address me as Cassandra by the way. I’ve just noticed how impolite I was, talking to you without even introducing myself. Please forgive me for my insolence.” She curtsied towards them, bowing low as she held her short dress up with her free hand.