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located in Ravenwood, a part of Contained, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Jane Vega Character Portrait: Jet Crossfire-Harlow Character Portrait: Violet Fairbanks Character Portrait: Mercy Fairbanks
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Jane let go of his arm as Trent ran off. She scratched her head and watched him. Was it something I said? She wondered. “Alright, I think everyone should put their weapons away.” He said as the older girl returned his smile with a smirk and a shifting of her weight, so that she was leaning on one hip. She still held her gun up though. “Sorry if you were hurt, we are just trying to keep ourselves safe and you never know” His tone was calm. As if he was trying to keep her from shooting. “I’m Jet” Jane loved it when he said his name like that. “If you two agree to not kill us in your sleep your welcome to join our little survival group” he teased a bit. “You two girls look like you could use some rest and some food” Jane watched as the girls came closer5 and how the older one looked for approval from the younger. Interesting.

Jane walked over to Jet. She was jealous, she was always jealous when there were new females. Especially when they were close to their age. She didn't like any other people stealing attention from Jet. She may just sound selfish, but it's because she cared. So... Mercy and Vi? Pretty name, well Mercy's name. Jane went close to Jet and protectively grabbed his arm. She didn't know if he could tell she was jealous or that she didn't like these new girls. Not that she had anything against them, except for talking to Jet. Same thing with Rowan. She wasn't fond of her, probably because she could always see something between them. She'd look over and always see them talking. But she was the youngest, so he probably didn't even like her that way. She was the little sister of the group, and she hated it. "Jet..." She paused, thinking about her recent thoughts."... Nevermind.." She said, letting go of his arm.