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located in Republic City, a part of The Legend of Korra: The Vigil, one of the many universes on RPG.

Republic City



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Character Portrait: Jingfei Sun
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Jingfei relished in having the night off. Sure she loved stopping crime, gave her a sense of self worth, but she liked being able to just sit around waiting for unsuspecting victims to her pranks. Tonight was a good one too, in her mind, took her weeks to come up with and organize to perfection. The plan was simple and classic, she was actually surprised that it took her so long to think of such a beloved prank, she set up a bag of coins on the ground tied to a string and when someone came along to grab it, she would pull it until they were in the right spot, then she was going to dump a bucket of sewer sludge on them. She had set up the dumping spot that was in a very busy area, right outside a put and there was a steady flow of people going in and out, so there would be witnesses.

As she waited, she spotted her unsuspecting victim. It was a woman, of high prestige; she was in the latest fashion of a small tight dress and a fur scarf around her neck. Jingfei smiled deviously, she loved nothing more than messing with rich people, making them look like fools in front of everyone. The woman had spotted the little bag of coins and was about to pick it up. It's go time, Jingfei thought. She tugged on the string a little bit, making the coin bag jump a little towards the bar, the woman looked around surprised at having seen the coin jumped, she bent down to try again, only to have the same thing happen. Jingfei stifled a laugh as the woman continued falling into her trap, for the actual definition of idiocy, this woman was a perfect example. Finally the woman was in position to be covered in sludge. That's when her pager went off, it buzzed in her pocket, breaking her fun.

"Oh, come on," Jingfei said to herself, she looked to the woman then her pager and sighed. She looked at it, "Kestrel: Come now". She sighed frustrated as her night off and perfect prank was going to be interrupted. Then a thought came to her, she took out her katana and ran from her hiding spot, surprising the woman. On her way out, Jingfei cut the rope holding the bucket, dumping it on the woman and grabbed the purse of coins. She stopped for a second to look at her handy work and laughed as the woman stood yelling at her, because a lady never cussed.

"Enjoy your night miss," Jingfei saluted to her and then she ran off to the penthouse.

Inside the penthouse she saw Tao by the window looking out over the city. One thing Jingfei never got used to was the fact that their penthouse was over lavished in its decorum, which in turn always made her feel under-dressed in her baggy and worn clothes.

She leaned against the wall, next to the door in a very casual fashion, "So boss, what is so important that you need to cut my fun short?" she asked, a slight tone of annoyance in her voice.